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Health Benefits Of Yoga - What Is Yoga Good For?

Are you feeling low on energy? Do you feel depressed, stressed or anxious? Instead of going to a bar, ordering a pizza or going on an impulse shopping spree, you can put aside as little as 15 minutes for a yoga session. That's right, just a 15-minute daily yoga session can make you feel better, improve your health and relieve stress.

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Numerous medical studies have shown that yoga decreases the secretion of cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone. What's more, trying out adult yoga in Miami can make you feel happier, will train your muscles will improve your overall health. Plus, it's incredibly easy to squeeze in just 15 minutes of yoga every day. Everyone can do it!

But which are the major health benefits of yoga? How can it help you? Let's see:


Health benefit #1 – Yoga decreases stress

As mentioned above, yoga is a powerful stress-reducing activity. Multiple medical studies have confirmed this. One study was done on a group of 24 women who were suffering from depression and social anxiety. After a three-month yoga program, the women had significantly lower levels of cortisol. Also, they reported lower levels of chronic fatigue, depression, social anxiety, and stress. Another study came up with similar results. It showed that even a short course of fitness adult yoga in Miami of 10 weeks can reduce stress and anxiety in both males and females. The great thing about yoga is that you don't have to attend specialized classes in order to enjoy its benefits. Adult yoga in Miami can also be used independently (such as meditation), helping reduce stress even more.


Health benefit #2 – yoga relieves anxiety

A lot of people practice yoga because it reduces anxiety. The truth is... it really does. In a study done by a British university, 34 women who suffered from an anxiety disorder, were asked to participate in a yoga class. The classes were held every week, for three months. At the end of the study, the participants had significantly lower levels of anxiety when compared to the control group.

Yoga is also immensely beneficial for patients who struggle to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. At the end of one study done on 43 women, more than 22 didn't even meet the criteria for PTSD. The symptoms were fewer and the women reported a better overall health level. Unfortunately, scientists don't really understand how practicing yoga helps people fight anxiety. There are several theories, for instance, the release of chemicals during yoga can affect the brain's response to external stimuli, but more research is needed.

Benefit #3 – fitness adult yoga in Miami may reduce inflammation

Yoga is, after all, a physical exercise. Consequently, it has important beneficial effects on our bodies and how we respond to pain and fatigue. Inflammation, for instance, is a normal body response to trauma or pain. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, increases the risk of pro-inflammatory diseases, like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. A study on the topic was done in 2015, on more than 200 participants, divided into two groups – a group that performed yoga and a group that didn't. Both groups performed regular strenuous physical exercise in order to induce muscle stress and inflammation. At the end of the study, the group which practiced yoga had lower levels of inflammatory markers when compared to the group which didn't practice yoga. Another study also showed that regular yoga sessions reduce the inflammatory markers in patients who are recovering from breast cancer.


Benefit #4 – yoga can improve heart health

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the western world. Yoga has been shown to be amazingly beneficial when trying to counteract this chronic condition. One study has shown that people who are over 40 years and practice yoga regularly have a lower blood pressure than the ones who didn't. Incorporating yoga in your daily fitness routine will lower the blood pressure, with amazing positive benefits for your overall health. It can also slow down the progression of heart disease. Of course, this will work even better with better dietary habits. In a separate study, participants who regularly practiced adult yoga in Miami had a 26 percent reduction in bad cholesterol and a 23 percent decrease in total cholesterol. Also, the progression of heart disease stopped in more than 40 percent of patients.


Benefit #5 – yoga improves the quality of life

Yoga is quickly becoming the most popular physical exercise in the Western World. It's also getting increasingly popular as an adjunct therapy to improve the quality of life of many people. A recent study was done on three separate groups – one that regularly practiced yoga, one that focused on daily walks and a control group. The results have shown that yoga improves mood, reduces stress levels and fatigue, compared to all other groups.

Yoga is beneficial for patients recovering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment. For instance, yoga has been shown to reduce the symptoms of people who undergo chemotherapy. Some of the most common symptoms of chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting can be minimized, thus improving the overall quality of life for numerous patients.


Benefit #6 – fitness adult yoga in Miami improves sleep quality

Poor sleep quality is a major health concern. Many people don't get enough sleep or don't have a good night's sleep several times a week. Poor sleep is not just uncomfortable, it can also cause depression, obesity, and high blood pressure. Yoga has been shown as a powerful factor behind excellent sleep quality. A recent study has shown that people who regularly practice yoga fall asleep easier, sleep longer and feel more rested in the morning than other people. People who suffer from various chronic diseases have less sleep disturbance, improved sleep quality and a reduced need for sleep medications, with just a 15 minute-long daily yoga routine. The benefits to sleep are enormous, and you only have to make a minimal time investment every day.

What Should You Know About Metal Roofing? The Pros And Cons

Metal roofing is one of the most popular types of roofing in the country. But why? What makes it such a great choice for so many homeowners in the United States? Let's take a closer look and find out why:

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If you want a new roof for your home, there are many materials available. You can go with asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, concrete tiles or metal roofing. No matter what type of roofing material you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages you must consider. Metal roofing is one of the best choices because it is very durable, resistant, requires minimal maintenance and is very energy efficient. What's more, metal roofing is very adaptable – you can choose either aluminum, tin, zinc, copper or galvanized steel. Also, most metal roofing contractors in Miami will make sure your new roof is properly tested and approved by your local building department. Here's a more in-depth view:


Advantages of metal roofs

Metal roofing is extremely lightweight – this is one of the main benefits of choosing metal roofing for your home. While ceramic or concrete roofing runs from 750 to 1,000 pounds per square (all metal roofing contractors use this type of unit – a square equals to about 100 square feet), metal roofing is almost ten times as lighter – the average weight hovers around 50 to 150 pounds per square. This makes it very useful for virtually all types of buildings. You won't need any structural work done to your home and the new roof will cost less money. You won't have to hire other contractors to repair the underlying structure or create additional supporting frames. What's more, some types of metal roofing products can be placed on the existing roof – this means you don't have to tear down the existing roof at all!

Metal roofing is easy to install – this is one of the main reasons why metal roofing contractors love it, and you'll love it as well. Metal roofs come in various panels, from 12 to 36 inches in width. Because of their size and adaptability, they are very easy to install. What's more, the operation is quick and doesn't require a lot of workers. Depending on the size of your home, you can get a new roof in just a matter of days. This means lower costs for you and shorter construction times.

Metal roofing is long-lasting – when it comes to durability, you simply can't beat metal roofing. Even the cheapest, lowest quality products come with a warranty of 20 years. Average and high-end products can last literally a lifetime – with warranties often exceeding 50 years. Metal roofing is also incredibly durable when it comes to extreme weather conditions. High winds, powerful storms, heavy downpours, and excessive snow are no problem for a new metal roof. Also, metal roofing is incredibly resistant to mildew, insects, and rot.

Metal roofing is fire-resistant – as you would probably expect, metal roofs are 100 percent fireproof – metal simply doesn't burn. These products are rated as Class A when it comes to fire resistance. However, keep in mind that the overall classification for your roof also depends on the type of underlying structure (usually, this is made of wood, which is not fire-resistant). Because of this, most metal roofs only have a Class C rating. No matter what your rating is, keep in mind that the metal sheets will act as fire barriers and will provide adequate protection in case of fires. Contact metal roofing contractors for more information about fire resistance.

Metal roofing reflects heat – this is especially helpful for people residing in Florida and other southern states. Because of this property, most metal roofing contractors in Miami recommend this type of product. Even though the material is not a good thermal insulator, the radiant heat is reflected efficiently. Ideally, you should have dead-air space between the roof and the roof deck, in order to increase efficiency.

Good roof pitch – metal roofing is ideal for homes that have a low pitched roof. The metal sheets can be installed on roofs with a minimum pitch of 3 in 12 (there's a 3-inch rise for each horizontal foot).

Excellent rain shedding – metal roofs are virtually impervious to rain because of the way the metal panels interlock. The surfaces are also slippery and hard, making it completely impermeable.


Disadvantages of metal roofs

Metal roofing can be expensive – metal roof prices vary a lot. The cheapest type of metal roofing product may cost you $100 to $150 per square. However, premium metal roofs, made of copper or finished with expensive materials, can set you back $600 to $800 per square. This initial cost can sometimes be too much for certain clients, especially if the roof is large. However, because the material is so durable and requires little to no maintenance, the end cost is very low, especially when compared to other types of materials, like ceramic tiles.

Metal roofs are noisy – for some, the sound of raining tapping on the roof is romantic and relaxing. However, for a lot of us, it's annoying. It feels like living inside a drum, especially during a heavy rainstorm. There's good news, however – sound can be controlled if you are using insulating materials for the underlying layers. Solid plywood sheathing or sound-deadening insulation is ideal if you want to keep the noise down.

Metal roofs are prone to dents – similar to other metal objects (your car, for instance), metal roofs are prone to dents and other types of damage. This is especially true if the sheets are of poor quality and very thin. For instance, a metal roof can be dented by a golf ball or during a hail storm. Also, aluminum and copper roofing are much more prone to dents. On the other side, steel roofs are more resistant. Make sure to talk to the best metal roofing contractors in Miami before choosing the type of metal roofing for your house.

White Glove Shipping – What You Need To Know

Online shopping has changed how we buy everything – from electronics to books, and from groceries to camping equipment. We are already familiar with same-day or next-day shipping. And we want it from every retailer. Customers want quick, reliable shipping whenever they are online and looking for a product to buy.

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Retailers are faced every day with immense pressure to differentiate themselves and win new customers over. While products are virtually similar among major retailers, shipping still remains the defining factor. A recent study has shown that 75 percent of shoppers choose their favorite online retailer based on how they handle shipping. Simply put, it's not the products that attract customers, it's the shipping and the logistics behind it.


What is white glove shipping?

You’ve probably heard the “white glove” term before. It's something related to a fancy restaurant, where a white-gloved waiter pours you a bottle of champagne. Or perhaps it's a valet in front of a luxury hotel. Yes, white gloves are elegant, and they represent the best type of customer service, the service which doesn't leave your hands all dirty.

So what is white glove delivery? White glove shipping in Miami is a special kind of shipping. It's shipping taken to the next level, where special attention is paid to the item throughout its whole journey. There are no missing steps, to missing items and no uncertainty. It's one of the premiere Miami logistics services you can choose as an online retailer.

Items that are white glove shipped are handled with care from point A to point B. Every item is carefully considered. While normal delivery services will handle your items with minimal care and often leave them on the sidewalk, this service is about bringing the ultimate service to your customers. They will bring the packages right into their home or business and will save you the hassle of assembly or heavy lifting.

Here's a quick rundown on what to expect when choosing white glove shipping in Miami:

  •  packaging – all items that are delivered via white glove services are individually packaged with proper materials; this ensures that there will not be any scratches, dents, cracks, fissures or breakage; your items will arrive at your destination in perfect condition, no matter the distance or transportation options; in special cases, the shipper will provide custom crates and boxes in order to ensure even larger, irregular shaped items;

  •  logistics – every step of the delivery process is carefully monitored and planned in order to reach the final destination on time and intact; the customer's needs are the main focus of white glove shipping; all Miami logistics issues are dealt with professionally, like overnight storage, packaging, scheduling and priority deliveries; this means more time for the client, better work performance and higher returns for the retailer;

  •  cleanliness – this type of premiere Miami logistics services use only new, clean, secure trucks for deliveries; this prevents any damage caused by dirt, debris or water infiltration;

  •  assembly – white glove delivery services are not just about deliveries; these companies work with trained specialists who will also move the packages to the desired location, help you with assembly and setup of the delivered goods; for instance, a piece of bulky furniture can be repositioned, assembled and set up to the client's specification; the object is always left in a condition that satisfies the customer;

     disassembly – similar to the assembly services, disassembly is also offered if the customer needs it; this is especially helpful when clients want to move to a different location or want to prepare an event or a trade show;

  •  disposal – the specialists will help you throw away or dispose of excess boxes, crates, and other packaging materials; you don't have to worry about them anymore;


When and why should you use white glove shipping?

White glove delivery services are very useful in certain scenarios. While traditional delivery services are often good enough, if you want to ship a special item, you will need the best shipping services you can find. For instance, if you want to deliver a piece of antique furniture, which has to be handled with care, white glove shipping is your best choice. The people are specialists and know how to handle fragile items, know how to package them, disassemble and assemble them. Plus, this service is fast, so you don't have to worry about delivery times.

White glove shipping is also a great alternative for companies that want to relocate and must ship their furniture, electronics or other fragile items. Also, medical companies might find this service very attractive – white glove delivery companies can ensure sterile deliveries across the country. Similarly, museums, art galleries, financial institutions, and other private clients can benefit from these excellent shipping services.


What can you ship?

Valuables – white glove shipping is ideal if you want to ship valuables across large distances; you can ship anything from antique porcelain, artwork, furniture, to clothes, cars and other expensive equipment, like pianos, artifacts, rare items or antiques;

Fragile items – this service is ideal for items made of porcelain, glass or other fragile materials; you can ship any type of decoration, holiday displays and decors, unassembled and fine materials, theater pieces and trade show exhibits, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures, as well as chinaware, glass, porcelain, pottery, and crystal;

Bulky furniture – if your furniture is valuable, antique, too large or simply too heavy for a traditional delivery service, white glove shipping in Miami should be your best choice;

Medical equipment – careful manipulation and delivery of sterile medical equipment is critically important in medical environments; white glove delivery services are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare establishments;


Refrigerated and perishable goods – refrigerated deliveries are also offered by white glove shipping companies; this is ideal for high-end restaurants and hotels, that want to always have the freshest products for their clients; also, this delivery service is ideal for private events, like parties or weddings;


How To Choose A Corporate Conference Venue - A Complete Guide

Are you planning a corporate event? If the answer is yes, you'll have to also choose the event venue. Choosing the best corporate conference venues is immensely important for your event's success. After all, it's your corporate event and you must focus on everything: selecting the speakers, the catering company, creating invitations, planning the schedule and many more.

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The venue, however, is likely the most important thing to focus on. A good venue can mean the difference between a successful event, where you educate and entertain your guests or a disastrous event where your guests feel bored or downright annoyed. Sure, it's not just about the event, but it does play a major impact on how your event is perceived. So, how should you choose the right venue? There are a lot of venues for corporate events – how do you make sure you got the right one? Let's take a look:


What's included in the offer

As soon as you find a couple of corporate conference venues that seem ideal, call or meet with the managers or representatives. Ask about the venue, what it offers, what is included or not, what are the fees and so on. Ask whether there is a break down fee, or if there are fees for tables, chairs or linen; similarly, ask about the food and beverage minimums, the Wi-Fi or audio settings and features. Keep in mind that some venues offer all-inclusive prices – where you have a fixed rate that includes everything. Perhaps, this is your best choice, particularly if you don't want to worry about other related services, like food and beverages or media features.


The space and the layout

Visit the location and look at the space carefully. How does it look like? Is it large enough? Is it too small? Are there any additional areas for breaks, for a stage or a networking area? How many people can it comfortably accommodate? These are some of the questions you will have to get answers, before signing the deal. There are a lot of things to focus on. For instance, a venue that seems ideal may be too large for the event – you don't want to end up with 50 guests in a 300-places hall. It will feel empty and the event will suffer a lot. Always choose spaces that are ideal for your conference, not the other way around.

Also, if you are looking for outdoor corporate conference venues, make sure to visit it beforehand. Check the amenities – does it have ample areas for networking, outdoor activities or a stage? Can you adapt to the outdoor area to your needs? How many people can you host?

The location

The best venues for corporate events are conveniently located to major transport hubs, like airports, highways or train stations. This will be amazingly beneficial if your guests come from all over the state or country. If your corporate event is small, you can focus on smaller venues, which may be located in the downtown areas of the city. In this case, accessibility is not so important, as there won't be many guests coming at the same time. However, if you have hundreds of guests, you must have ample parking space and easy access. Also, if your event has a workshop or features live demonstrations, you should rent a venue that is ideal for these activities (good access areas for large vehicles and large parking areas).


The atmosphere

The mood of the venue is something to pay attention to as well. If the corporate conference venues have a welcoming decor, it can create a positive mood for your event. Also, if you want to have a professional event, and want to create a polished image for your company or brand, you must focus on finding a professional-looking venue. If you want an event focused on interaction, bonding, consider spaces that promote this type of activity. If you want a gala or a special ceremony, choose an elegant venue. Everything matters – from the layout of the venue, the furniture, the lighting fixtures, the details and how the venue makes you feel.


Food and beverage

Try to determine the type of food and beverages you serve during your event as soon as possible. Contact the best catering companies and ask for an offer. Decide whether you want a buffet or a sit-down type of event. Do you want to serve full meals or just appetizers? Can the venue or catering company provide gluten-free, Halal or vegan dishes? Make sure you ask whether the food is prepared on location, or if it is shipped from a different location. This is important, especially if you want to impress your guests with the meal service. Don't forget to ask if the venue has an alcohol license – if you want to serve alcohol and they are not allowed, the event can be ruined.


The tech and audiovisual features

No matter what type of event you plan, you'll definitely need some sort of Wi-Fi or AV features. These will help you show PowerPoint presentations, videos, demonstrations or other types of visuals or audios. You'll also need good microphones, projectors, special lighting sets, and screens. Make sure you discuss with the venue managers every aspect and ask what they can provide. In some cases, you will need to bring your own equipment, especially if you want to organize a unique media presentation.

The staffing

You'll obviously need staffing support for your event, and your venue should provide it. Luckily, most event venues for corporate events offer this service, and their employees are properly trained. Just make sure you explain how many waiters, chefs, security and support staff you need for your event. You'll have to know whether they will help the attendees, manage registrations or deal with ticketing. A good venue will offer all these services at no extra cost, especially if you explain exactly what you want from the event.


Secrets To Finding The Best Divorce Lawyers

There is no question that the rate of divorce in the United States is increasing. As a result, divorce lawyers are in high demand. Some divorce attorneys will claim to be the best divorce lawyers or the most affordable; however, it is up to you to decide.


The first step to making the right decision is to actively go through your list of prospective divorce lawyers and compare each one until you find the one that you think will work best.

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Here are some tips and secrets to find success during your divorce.


Research and Referrals 


Before any action must be done, it is critical that you research your potential lawyers first. This will mean searching the web and locations to meet with promising attorneys. Another great way to find the best attorney for you is to ask your family and friends who had a successful divorce and meet with their attorney. 


From there, you can juggle the pros and cons of each attorney, what they have to offer, and make your final decision.


Realistic Expectations


Beware of the attorneys that make promises and say “yes” to everything. The divorce process is fairly complicated and as a result, they are unable to promise anything. The results will depend on the information and execution during the process and trial. 


There are things that each spouse wants to get out of a divorce. It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to how possible those outcomes are. 


During a divorce, it is important to have a realistic overview of the situation. If either party were at fault during the marriage, that may be a damaging aspect of the divorce. At-fault circumstances can derive from abusive acts, adultery, neglect, and felony charges. 




Divorce and hiring a divorce lawyer can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars. It is crucial that you plan ahead and budget for the expenses that are coming your way. Even the most affordable attorney is still pricey and the last thing you need is to become financially unstable after enduring a rough divorce. 


Beware of the hidden costs and fixed prices. If it turns out that you and your spouse have come to an agreement early and the divorce does not last as long as you expected, that is when the lawyer’s fixed-price payment method can have a negative impact. Most lawyers may charge by the hour or something similar. But divorce is not a process that’s set and stone. 


There are so many high-quality and affordable divorce lawyers that have the ability to help you with anything that you need! Research is the most important part!




Communication between you and your attorney is the key to your success. You are placing your trust in your divorce lawyer and they need to know everything. The paperwork should be organized and ready from the beginning. The information given to your attorney will be what will allow you to win in court. As a result, it’s important to be as transparent as possible and ensure they know and understand everything. It makes it harder to defend you if your attorney is surprised by new information.  


Through communication, you should be able to establish whether your attorney understands what they are talking about. They should exude confidence when they speak or else it may hurt your case. 


Your lawyer is your confidant during this hard time and needs to listen to your questions and expectations. If they are dismissive or disregard your concerns, you should not continue to work with them.

Your Case


Throughout your divorce case, there are a few things that you should know that your attorneys will not tell you.


Despite already choosing an affordable divorce lawyer, you have the ability to change your representation in mid-way through the process. If you were to change your attorney, it may hurt your case depending on the court-ordered deadline. You will also have to pay the attorney for their time before you switch.


The divorce is up to you and your spouse. If you both come to an agreement early or mid-case, you have the power to close the case. It does not always need to be a lengthy case. 


If you both decide to terminate the divorce and remain together, that is another option that you may choose to do. You do not need to give a reason for the cancellation of the divorce. Your local courthouse will be able to assist you with divorce termination. 

Divorces are not an easy matter. There are many avenues that you can take. It all depends on you and your spouse’s situation. Whether you are battling custody, possession or money, there are attorneys with specialized skills and the ability to help you. 


As you are looking out for the red flags, make sure you are prepared for the obstacles that you may personally face. Do not let your emotions run your divorce trial. Some spouses want to get back at their exes for the hurt that they’ve caused. Getting back at them may cause you additional financial trouble. Focus on completing the process, not on what you could receive. Otherwise, you’ll allow your emotions to drive the process. This rarely ever provides positive results. 


The ownership of certain possessions may all come down to fairness and divisibility. If you choose to involve a mediator, there’s a greater chance of experiencing clarity. All factors are considered if there is a large dispute over who should own certain things over the other spouse. 


The key to navigating a divorce settlement correctly is gathering all financial and factual evidence in your favor before even filing for divorce. Evidence includes pictures of assets, making copies of statements, and documenting the numbers as preparation. 


In the beginning, before you start searching for your attorney, it is very important that you follow all of the steps above before making your decision. The most affordable divorce lawyers do not always provide the best service; they may not work in your best interest or look to attempt shady strategies to get a win. It should all come down to experience, respect, and trustworthiness. A reasonably aggressive and persistent attorney will help you in court to persuade the jury or judge. The best divorce lawyers are closer than you think.

Steps For Developing Staffing Strategies That Work

Every business that tries to understand its people needs a good staffing strategy. This is key if you want to understand your employees, what they want, what they expect and how they see the company. After all, the people that work in your company, your employees, are the most important asset. They are the ones who give your business a competitive edge, they are helping the organization grow and be better. Your customers often come into contact with your employees before seeing the product or services that you sell.

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But how can you make sure your employees are happy? How can you know what they want and what they expect? Is there a way to determine if your staff is exactly what your business needs? Will you need high-end staffing services? Let's take a closer look:


What is a high-end staffing agency?

Let's start with the basics – what is a staffing agency and why would you need one? These agencies are often confused with recruitment agencies, but they are not the same thing. The recruitment process is usually a single-step procedure, designed specifically to hire a new employee in a company; it is focused primarily on seeking the best candidate and making sure they apply for the roles in a specific company. After this, the employee is either hired or not – this is the final stage of the recruitment process.

On the other hand, high-end staffing is an ongoing process; of course, it involves the recruitment process, but there is more. It's also about the strategies you need to implement in order to make sure that a particular employee stays with your company and, most importantly, is happy with his or her choice. It's about making sure your employees are happy and they are an integral part of the company. It's about creating a workforce experience, the feeling of belonging to something. For companies, it's about attracting, but also retaining the best candidates. The strategies used by staffing agencies include focusing on where and who the best performers are, what they want and need and how to make them happy. Also, the strategies are focused on how to motivate them with more exciting work, how to allocate resources and create a better work environment.


Determining the business goals

Whenever you want to start a new staffing strategy, it's important to have a good, complete business plan. You cannot go and hire event staff without knowing your priorities and what your goals are. You have to determine everything that is important for your business and how to move forward. The business plan should include both short-term and long-term strategies, goals and major changes. The goals can be anything from increasing turnover, reducing costs, expanding in new niches or markets or launch new products or services. There are endless possibilities – you just have to make sure they are all feasible and possible. What's more, every business idea must be in line with the overall objectives – you don't want to have conflicting strategies or overlapping ideas. Everything should be coordinated and precisely directed to a specific goal.


Pay attention to your staff

Your employees should be your next focus. These are the people that will be your closest partners, they are the people that will work on your projects and will make sure they work and are profitable. You will need to have a complete picture of your employees – who they are, what are their skills and talents, what can they do, what they want and what they expect. You'll need to think about everything.

To do this, you will need to gather data about your employees. You can create a short interview, and see what are the answers. Try to determine which employee is suited for each activity, and where they can work independently. You'll also have to track their activity, their opinions, know what their ideas are, what they like and what they don't like about the project or the company. Some employees may come up with amazing ideas, which will help your business immensely. Analytics will also help you predict certain trends and will help you prepare for them. For instance, if the employees are struggling with a project, you can reallocate resources in order to help them. Also, you can identify the employee who has leadership skills and is respected within the company. This will help you determine who you can promote as a team manager.


Analyzing patterns

Every company has a natural ebb and flow among its staff. People are hybrid, they change, they can evolve or devolve. You will need to closely analyze these changing patterns. This means you have to have a clear view of leaver dates, which will help you fill in vacant positions before they become vacant. Make sure you identify unhappy employees and look for solutions before they decide to leave. Try to avoid this issue by constantly paying attention to what their needs are.

Take this step even further and talk with your human resources department. Try to determine the potential movements well in advance, before they can cause serious issues in your company. For instance, if an important employee decides to leave unexpectedly, your organization may suffer a lot, and in some cases, may not recover at all. Try to avoid this by knowing if you need to hire event staff, how many employees are nearing retirement, how many will have maternity or paternity leaves, how many want or expect a promotion or how many want to leave the organization.


Creating a future staffing projection

As soon as you have a complete picture of your current workforce, you will have to think about the future. The future of your workforce must be closely related to the future of your company. You should create a business plan for the next 5 to 10 years and determine how the staff will be part of it. Think about new teams, new departments, new employees and how will they work with the current ones. Will you have to hire event staff, technical staff or sales staff? As your staffing needs change, so will your company, so you have to keep everything in control.


Coastal erosion – Natural Causes

Coastal erosion is a slow, long term phenomenon occurring in virtually all coastal areas. Coastal erosion is caused by natural factors (known as natural coastal erosion) or by human factors (anthropological coastal erosion). This article will discuss the natural coastal erosion phenomenon, its causes, and its effects.

Image result for Coastal erosion – natural causes


Temporal erosion and continuous erosion

To better understand how natural coastal undermining erosion works, it's important to know what a coastal sediment cell is. Also known as a sediment cell or a littoral cell, this geographical unit is defined as a coastal compartment that includes the complete cycle of sedimentation. Essentially, this cell includes the sources of sediments, the transportation paths, and the sinks. When erosion is active in one place inside the cell, accretion will occur in a different location. The sediment distribution is thus in constant equilibrium. If ongoing periods of erosion or accretion occur, the sediment cell and its equilibrium will suffer irreparable damages. In fact, this type of net leakage between areas in a single cell occurs, but the process is very slow. Simply put, the coastal sediment cell is a theoretical concept and has exceptions, but it is an important tool when trying to understand erosion as a whole.

A good example of a coastal sediment cell is a pocket beach (a small beach enclosed by headlands), with minimal net offshore or onshore sand transport. The orientation of this beach can change, depending on the fluctuations of the waves. The resulting erosion or accretion only have a temporal character.

Another important example of a coastal sediment cell is the active coastal zone. This zone is essentially a beach zone, where sand is exchanged in a cross-shore direction, as a result of natural processes. The closure depth corresponds to the seaward limit, and the landward limit to a physical boundary, like a cliff or a seawall. If the coast has sand dunes, the active zone is the zone commonly affected by erosion, close to the undermining shoreline. The erosion, in this case, is responsive to water levels and wave activity and is temporal or quasi-cyclic.

Cliff erosion is an obvious example of ongoing erosion. Cliffs affected by erosion will never recover naturally. Cliff erosion can be fast, if the cliff is made of till or clay, or very slow if the cliff is rocky.

Long-shore sand loss caused by transport gradients

This type of ongoing sand loss is caused by irregular sand transport. Simply put, this undermining erosion occurs when more sand is leaving an area than entering. Transport depends primarily on the direction and strength of the waves. Another factor is the geometry of the shore, the curvature of the ground and the bathymetric features. This type of erosion is long-term and won't stop naturally.

Cross-shore sand loss

This type of coastal erosion can be caused by different processes. Let's take a closer look:

Breaching and over-wash

This type of sand loss is caused by breaching and an over-wash during high tides. In these cases, the beaches are very sensitive and the water washes away the sand constantly. Exposed coastal areas are more prone to this type of erosion.


Aeolian transport of sand

Sand can be collected in vegetated areas near the coastline. These vegetated dunes collect sand and grow, causing erosion along the undermining shoreline. A major issue is fast shoreline retreat, often estimated at 1 to 6 feet per year.


Sand loss caused by extreme waves and powerful storms

High energy waves cause a seaward migration of the breaker bars. Powerful storms further cause the offshore movement of the sand. The sand transported far away from the shore will not be able to naturally return to the coastal area, even if milder weather occurs.


Sand loss in canyon areas

Deep canyons that are located close to the undermining shoreline have a negative effect on soil erosion. Sand will collect into the canyon through the natural process of littoral drift.


Sandspit offshore transport

Sand can be transported by a littoral drift towards deep water, especially at the tip of a sand spit. The sand that is lost through this process will accumulate far away from the shore, forming shoals and deposition areas. This sand will not return naturally to the beach, thus creating more erosion.

Downstream erosion for accumulative forms

Massive undermining erosion occurs in coastal areas where the waves have a very oblique approach. These coastlines have a natural tendency of forming spits parallel to the coasts, in order to offer protection against erosion. The sand is accumulated far away from the shore, depleting the sand near the beach area. As a result, the shoreline is more prone to erosion.


Sand loss for coastal protrusions

Protruding areas are very susceptible to coastal erosion, especially if they are made of soft materials, like clay or till. The fine eroded material is constantly washed away by wind and waves. The material is then transported either along the coast or offshore. Virtually any semi-hard seaward concave section of coastline will suffer this type of erosion, particularly if there is no steady supply of sand from rivers or other natural sources. The natural state of the coastline is constant erosion and straightening; the result of this ongoing phenomenon is a simplified, straight coast.

Marine deposit shorelines will erode constantly and retreat in time. The headlands will be unrecognizable and the whole shore will be straight. As the headlines continuously erode, the sedimentary shorelines will follow suit, losing their accumulative forms.


The impact of climate change on coastal erosion

Climate change is expected to impact coastal erosion in various ways. The main focus is sea-level rise, which is a problem in many areas of the world. The changes will also focus on meteorological conditions – temperature, wind, and precipitation. Extreme conditions are of particular importance, as they have a massive negative effect on shorelines. For instance, long periods of drought, coupled with powerful storms, have an immense impact on erosion. The variation of river and fluvial sand is also of concern, as beaches will not be able to replenish the sand.

Domestic Violence Law Firm - Why You Need One

Domestic violence is a real problem in a lot of households. Even though domestic violence cases are often hidden behind closed doors, these cases can create serious psychological issues for the victims involved. The data behind domestic violence is frightening – about 1.3 million women are assaulted by their partners every year, in the United States; what's more, close to 200,000 men are also assaulted by their partners every year. It is estimated that about 80 percent of violence cases go unreported every year. People hide these cases and the police only get involved when the issues are very serious.

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Domestic violence, no matter the victim, is unacceptable and it should be reported to the authorities as quickly as possible. Legal support is also recommended, as a good domestic violence lawyer can help victims file a lawsuit or ask for financial compensation. While most domestic violence cases are simple and can be solved with effective communication, serious cases can go to court, so working with a good domestic violence law firm is very beneficial.

How can a domestic violence lawyer help you? Let's take a closer look:


Helping victims of domestic violence – the prime concern in this type of cases

If you or a close friend or family member was a victim of domestic violence, you should contact the police as soon as possible. Immediately after contacting the police, contact a reliable domestic violence law firm. Here's how they can help you:


Protect you from police abuse or over-reach

You'd be surprised, but domestic violence victims can be affected by police abuse as well. Always have a lawyer by your side when talking with the police. Don't talk one on one with a police officer about the case, especially if the incident happened recently. Even though the police officers want to help you, most of them don't have the training required to help domestic violence or sexual assault victims. For instance, direct questioning will seem intrusive and traumatizing for a victim. This will cause serious emotional and psychological stress and will hinder the investigation. A good attorney can protect you during questioning.


Negotiating to have charges dropped

In most cases, victims will want to move ahead with the case as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should try to have a settlement out of court. Going to court with these types of cases can be a traumatizing experience. The trial can be lengthy, sensitive information will be made public and you will suffer immensely. A good lawyer can get you a good out of court settlement, so you will be able to recover emotionally much quicker.

Avoid testifying

In serious domestic violence cases, the prosecutor might want to move forward with the criminal investigation. You may be required to testify against the abuser, which can be very traumatizing. A good lawyer can help you avoid this process – you can refuse both oral or written testimonies. Also, keep in mind that this does not mean that the criminal investigation will stop; it will go forward even if you refuse to testify against the abuser. The idea is simple – a good domestic violence lawyer will protect you and your family from aggressive, over-reaching prosecutors.


Filing a restraining order

Although this is an extreme way of handling a domestic abuse case, it is very effective if the abuser is particularly aggressive. A lawyer can file a restraining order for the victim and offer legal support during the whole process. The restraining orders are varied: you can ask for a personal conduct order which stops the other person from doing certain actions, you can ask for a stay-away order which stops the other person from coming close to you, or you can ask for a residence exclusion order, forcing the person to move out of a shared living space.


Helping those accused of domestic violence

Every person that was accused of domestic violence needs a good lawyer to protect their rights. Here's what a good domestic violence law firm can do for you:


Stop you from incriminating yourself

If you were arrested, anything you say can be used against you. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to guide you through this delicate process. It's important to not speak to anyone if the lawyer is not present. Don't talk, even to the police, as they can twist your answers and your case can turn against you. A good lawyer will protect you during police interrogations.


Try to have your charges dropped

One of the most effective defense strategies in these cases is to have the charges dropped as soon as possible. However, this strategy is quite complex, so you will need a good lawyer to help you. This has to be done as quickly as possible before the prosecutor has the chance to move forward with the criminal investigation. Also, the case can be dismissed if there is not enough evidence. Talk to your lawyer if you want more help.

Develop a strong defense strategy

If the case moves ahead and goes to court, you will need all the legal help you can get. You will need a professional lawyer to guide you, help you during depositions and offer emotional support. A good lawyer will openly discuss possible defense strategies, the possible outcome and the risks that can occur. Your lawyer will help you make the right choice – either going forward with the litigation or opting for a settlement. In some cases, the settlement may be the right option; however, if your chances of winning are obvious, going to court is a good choice. Communication is key during these difficult moments.

Offer defense against a restraining order

Getting a restraining order can be a disaster for anyone involved. For instance, a residence exclusion order may force you to move out of your residence; this is very serious and you will need legal help. Your everyday life will suffer, so you'll need professional legal assistance. Also, a restraining order will stop you from seeing your children or working, so the risks are enormous.


Understanding Children’s Rights, Custody and Time-Sharing

Many families go through difficult divorces every year. They are very stressful for both parties involved, but they get even more traumatizing for children. Data confirms this – there are millions of divorces in the United States every year and millions of children are affected by their parents' divorce. The trauma continues after the divorce as well; data shows that about 70 percent of children live only with their mother and visit their father only every two weeks. This phenomenon is particularly worrying, especially because children may grow up with serious psychological issues.

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Knowing the children's rights and what they mean in case of divorce is very important during the proceedings. Both spouses need to know what custody laws say, what are their rights and obligations and how they can avoid psychological stress during a divorce. The best way to get more information about these legal aspects is to work with a good child support attorney in Oklahoma City. Make sure you work with the best professionals around you. Your chances of success will go through the roof if you have the right legal support, and your children will not suffer.


What does legal custody mean?

Legal custody is a general legal term that describes the rights that each parent has when it comes to their children. This means making decisions on behalf of them, creating the best living environment and how family law protects these aspects. For instance, legal custody includes things like choosing the best school for the children, the best doctor or how to make important medical decisions.

Parents usually have some level of legal custody, as described by law. Both spouses will get a type of legal custody, but the exact specifics will be decided by the judge. Virtually all legal systems in the world agree that children will develop as functioning adults when both parents are involved in their education. This means that the court will try to create the best environment for the children and will take into consideration their parents' requirements and needs. Some states often impose joint or shared custody in order to help children and their education. Talk with your child support attorney in Oklahoma City if you want more information about this legal aspect.

In some cases, the court may decide that the children won't benefit from equal decision rights from both parents. This happens when one or both parents are not acting appropriately and may hinder the children's education or development. Common examples include abusive parents, absent parents or neglectful parents. When this happens, the judge may decide to award sole legal custody to only one parent. In extreme situations, the children may be taken away from both parents and maybe handed to Child Protective Services. Contact child support lawyers in Oklahoma City if this happens.

What is physical custody?

Physical custody is active in most states. It means that one parent will have full custody of the children and they will live only with them. Single physical custody is not very popular as it can have a negative effect on children. However, the best choice is joint or shared physical custody, where both parents get a fairly equitable split of time with the children. This type of custody works great if the parents live fairly close to each other and communication is efficient when it comes to important decisions. Talk to a child support attorney in Oklahoma City to get more information about this aspect.

Custody orders are very similar in most states, including provisions from both physical and legal custody laws. The parents will share the responsibilities of raising the children, but will also enjoy their rights equally. The physical possession of the children will be as equitable as possible, in order to minimize the disruption, drama and stressful situations for the children.

Sole custody is rarely awarded in divorce cases. This type of custody is commonly awarded if one of the parents is suffering from chronic addictions (alcohol or drug addictions), suffers from mental illness or faces serious legal issues (such as criminal charges). Keep in mind that all custody orders can be changed over time, depending on several factors. For instance, the court may change its decision if parents face serious legal issues or recover from addictions. The changes can be in both directions – a parent can either lose custody or gain full custody, depending on each specific situation. Whenever a parent is able to rehabilitate himself or herself, the court will appreciate it and may consider changing the custody order accordingly. This should be discussed with your child support lawyers in Oklahoma City before going to court.


Time-sharing is exactly what it sounds like. It's the amount of time each parent spends with the children. It can be called either visitation or possession. Time-sharing is always based on a schedule, usually determined by the court.

The judge will encourage parents to create a schedule that will help children. Usually, this means better communication among parents and customized meeting plans. Children will often spend one weekend with one parent, and the other weekend with the other parent. Although the situation is not ideal, the children will get the best possible solution. Also, the parents' work schedule is taken into consideration – if a parent works night shifts, the children will enjoy visitation according to their schedule. Obviously, the time-sharing decision can be adapted, if the parents' situation changes. Everything matters and the judge will take all details into consideration. Talk to your child support lawyers in Oklahoma City to make sure you get the best time sharing decision.

How are custody matters solved?

Each state has specific regulations that deal with divorces and custody rights. The primary focus is the best interest of the children. This is by far the most important aspect of family law and the court will take all decisions while focusing on them and their particular needs. The court will look at multiple factors before making the final decision: the ability of the parents to support themselves and their children, the schedules, the personalities, and criminal records. Everything is taken into consideration.


Things To know About The Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

A Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is a valuable tool that can be used to meet Medicaid's asset limit when the applicant has excess assets. These trusts are designed to protect Medicaid applicants' assets from being counted when assessing their eligibility. Simply put, if an applicant has excessive assets, they can be transferred to a trust, in order to guarantee the applicant's eligibility. This type of trust helps applicants who otherwise would not be eligible for Medicaid. This will help the applicants receive proper care in nursing homes or at home. The assets that are transferred to the trust are no longer considered owned by the applicant. Consequently, this Medicaid Asset Protection plan protects the assets for the applicant's children or for other relatives, making it a win-win for the applicant and his or her family.

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There are many types of trusts, but not all of them are Medicaid compliant. For instance, revocable living trusts, also known as family trusts, are very different from MAPTs and are not Medicaid compliant. These trusts are not eligible because they are revocable, meaning they can be canceled or altered. Yes, the assets are protected, but Medicaid still considers the assets as belonging to the applicant. These trusts allow the money to be used for long-term care costs, so the applicant won't be accepted by Medicaid. If the applicant wants to meet Medicaid's requirements, the assets must be “spent down”.

This article will discuss how Medicaid Asset Protection works and the importance of having a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust. Keep in mind that there are also other trusts relevant to Medicaid eligibility, but they will not be discussed in this article. Let's start:


Why are MAPTs important for a senior citizen?

Every state runs its own Medicaid program, according to federally set guidelines. The program varies by state, but not a lot. There is wiggle room for each state to set its own rules. For instance, the general limit for eligibility purposes for an elderly person applying for long term care from Medicaid is $2,000. Keep in mind that this limit is general - many states have slightly different limits (some states have lower, while others higher limits). Not all assets are counted – some are considered exempt (uncountable) – for instance, the primary residence, the vehicle, personal jewelry, and others. Even in this situation, many senior citizens fail to meet this asset limit and cannot afford their cost of care. Therefore, it's very important to have a tool that can easily “spend down” the applicant's assets, in order to make him or her eligible for Medicaid.

How do MAPTs work?

To better understand how MAPTs work, it's important to understand the terminology. Here's a quick guide:

the creator of the trust – this is the person who creates the trusts and will apply for Medicaid; the person can be referred to by various names, such as grantor, settlor or trustmaker

the trustee – this person is the manager of the trust; the creator of the trust and his or her spouse cannot be the trustee; usually, the trustee is a close family member, for instance, an adult child or a sibling; the trustee must respect the rules of the trust, follow the guidelines precisely and manage the trust according to the rules set forth by the trust; for instance, the trustee can use the trust's funds only under special circumstances

the beneficiary – this is the person (or persons) who will benefit from the trust after the trustmaker passes away; in order for the trust to be Medicaid compliant, the beneficiary must be someone other than the creator of the trust; if the trustmaker is also the beneficiary, the trustmaker may have access to the assets, so Medicaid will reject the application (Medicaid would consider the applicant as available to pay for the long term care and support);

The Medicaid Asset Protection plan must also be irrevocable. This means that the trust cannot be altered, changed or canceled. As soon as the assets are transferred into the trust, they no longer belong to the creator of the trust, and no changes can be made to the ownership. On the other hand, if the trust is revocable, the trustmaker is the owner of the assets, according to Medicaid. This is because the trustmaker still has control over the assets held in the trust, so the assets will be counted towards Medicaid's limit.


The benefits of a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

The main advantage of a MAPT is the ability to “spend down” an applicant's assets in order to meet Medicaid's asset limits. Another advantage of these types of trusts is the protection offered to the beneficiaries listed in the trust. Simply put, the assets are safe from Medicaid estate recovery. In other words, when the Medicaid recipient passes away, the state will attempt to collect reimbursement for long-term care. If the assets are part of a MAPT, the state will not be able to recover the assets.


What type of assets can go into a MAPT?

There are various assets that can be placed into a MAPT. Even the applicant's home (primary residence) can be placed into a MAPT, and the applicant can continue to live in it. In some cases, the home can even be sold and the trust can buy a new one. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, Michigan doesn't allow the inclusion of homes in the MAPT, and it is counted towards Medicaid's limit.

There are other assets that can be placed in Medicaid Asset Protection plans. For instance, other real estate properties, savings and checking accounts, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and CDs. Although possible, financial and legal experts don't recommend transferring retirement accounts in MAPTs, due to tax implications. If the assets produce income (for instance rental income), the trustmaker can collect it. Only the principal is protected by the trust; any income created by the trust can be collected by the trustmaker. However, keep in mind that Medicaid has income limits as well (as of 2019, most states have a limit of $2,313 per month).

Insulin Resistance Diet Guide For Weight Loss

Are you curious to learn about insulin resistance diet plans? If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way to committing to a diet plan that will help regulate your metabolism and help you to lose weight in an effective manner. See below to understand the importance of insulin resistance diet plans and how insulin and weight loss go hand in hand. Don’t feel as though you have to endure this process all on your own. There are teams of individuals out there who are willing and able to provide you with the help that you need.

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What to Know: Insulin Resistance

Before you go ahead and start on an insulin resistance diet plan, it’s important to have some background knowledge on the subject matter to determine how it’s been so effective in helping people. 


Insulin is arguably one of the most important hormones in your body. It’s responsible for regulating your metabolism, amongst many other functions. More importantly, insulin and weight loss directly correlate with one another. Insulin performance depends on how well you are taking care of your body. If you aren’t taking care of your body as you should be, you will notice the difference both physically and mentally. 


For those who are mindful of the ways in which their metabolism and insulin levels function, you are already halfway there. No one can dictate to you how to take care of your body or even how to go about doing it. This has to inherently come from you, and the better versed you are on the subject matter, the better you will be for it. 


An unbalanced diet will cause your glucose and insulin levels to spike. When this happens, the extra glucose will be stored as fat in your body. If you do not stay on top of this, it will increase your risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s - to name a few. Take the necessary precautions to avoid developing these kinds of diseases. 


Insulin Resistance is no laughing matter. Continuously neglecting this can lead to a variety of other downfalls that can affect your body. Look into the various programs and supplements that are proven to be effective in regulating your insulin levels, which will prompt a much healthier lifestyle, making it that much more feasible to manage your insulin and weight loss. 


How to Combat Insulin Resistance


Many companies like GOLO, for instance, have created supplements that will directly target insulin resistance and your metabolic health. The supplements will work in suppressing any further weight gain and it will act quickly in reversing the adverse effects of insulin resistance. Once this happens, your body can start to let go of some of the fat that it has stored. 


These reputable weight loss companies understand the importance of looking and feeling good. Weight loss is a multi-faceted issue. You have to target it from the inside out in order to effectively correct these issues. 


Insulin resistant supplements will help control your cravings, supports healthy blood glucose metabolism, balance the hormones that affect weight, and it will increase your energy and stamina while simultaneously reducing your stress and anxiety. 


Supplements of this caliber have been continually proven to be both safe and effective for its users. They are safe to take with other medications, they don’t prompt any harmful side effects, they do not require a prescription, and more importantly, they aren’t riddled with stimulants such as caffeine. When ingesting the supplements, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you are taking something that is all-natural. 


The Truth About Dieting

You’ve probably heard this before, but just because a company is forcibly trying to sway you into trying one of their fad diets, it does not mean that this is in your best interest. Dieting is hard for many people, and these conventional fad diets can make the process much more difficult. 


If you take a company like GOLO, for example, they understand that conventional means of dieting do not work. In reality, you are still able to consume most of the foods that you enjoy, within reason. It doesn’t need to be a “diet” per se, but you should be doing the utmost in consuming nutrient-rich foods. 


It goes without saying, but in order to properly maintain the function of your body, you need to be consuming the right foods that will promote a regulated metabolism and healthy insulin levels. 


Work with a company that is going to be upfront with you from the get-go. Don’t allow a business to push you into doing something that isn’t going to benefit you for the long-term. 


Dietary regimes should be used to target your personal goals. Everyone’s metabolism functions differently. Therefore, you have to take the appropriate steps that cater directly to your situation. 


How Consuming Healthier Foods will Benefit You

When adhering to the consumption of insulin resistance products, you are doing your body a great favor by consuming the right foods to complement it. 


Eating healthily consistently comes with a host of benefits. For one, your energy levels will be high and you won’t feel as sluggish. 


Following the proper diet will help you in staying fuller for much longer, you can keep your willpower in check, etc. The consumption of substantial foods for your dietary regime is extremely vital. 


Staying Committed to your Diet

One of the most important things in adhering to a certain way of eating is having a certain strategy in mind. Like with most things, if you have a prior plan in place for following any sort of plan or routine, having the right kind of strategies in place beforehand will make the process a lot easier. 


There are many pitfalls associated with dieting and eating correctly. It can be easy to steer off course, but if it can be helped, coordinate with a team of individuals that can help to keep you grounded. Anything is possible and much more. It’s easy to stay committed if you are shooting for certain goals.


Steps Before Launching An Online Security Awareness Course

When going through the process of launching a security awareness course online, you and your associates must be properly trained on all of the ins and outs of these training sessions. Keep reading below to determine why things like security awareness videos as part of your security awareness courses online, will pay dividends for your company for the foreseeable future.

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Assess Your Needs and Create Content

In order to develop your security programs, you need to closely evaluate what it is that your company needs and how they will benefit from it. Determine what the risks are, and then tackle them head-on. It’s important to understand the kind of training that is necessary for security awareness courses online. Your staff needs to be properly trained in the event of an attack.  Without adequate training, your company is susceptible to damage. 


Schedule Training Sessions

For the most part, many companies will implement an annual training program for the new people that the company hires. As an employer, you should schedule activities on a monthly basis. The content should constantly change, and it should coincide with the online security threats that are occurring during that point in time. Security awareness videos are a great way to convey these messages and various updates. The beauty of security awareness videos is that you can condense larger chunks of information in a brief, 5-minute video. You can deliver your training in a few different ways. This can include email, face-to-face meetings, etc. 


Testing The Efficiency Of The Training

When launching a new security system, it’d be nice to test out the effectiveness of the system, right? As part of the security awareness training, including tests as part of the content is paramount. 


Tracking The Progress

The impact that your training has on your associates is imperative, but it’s also important to monitor who is completing the training. If people are not meeting the training requirements, take it upon yourself to have an in-person meeting with them to see what can be done to simplify the process. However, this shouldn’t be a concern if your program has proven to be effective. If a program works, then you should the issue of security threats start to slowly deplete. When new threats emerge, work these into your training regimes in order to mitigate the issues entirely. 


Prepare Your Team for Phishing

Many cyber-attacks start with phishing emails. These are scams that can make you susceptible to breaches in security. If and when you receive these phishing emails, let all of your associates know so that they are aware of the potential threat. When training your staff on matters of security breaches, you can use real-life examples that include phishing, in order to make them wary of all of the potential threats that exist out there. Take screenshots of these emails, don’t forward them to anyone else. 


Avoid The Phone Scams

Phone scams happen to the best of us. No one is impervious to receiving these kinds of calls from time to time. These kinds of people take advantage of your weaknesses. God forbid your team isn’t equipped to deal with this issue, anyone who answers these phone calls will make your business an easy target. In order to prevent phone scams from happening, you should implement social engineering training as part of the routine. Additionally, be mindful of what you’re installing on your phone as well. Mobile malware is on the rise and has been for quite some time. As a result, companies need to be aware of the risks. It’s recommended to have a phone that is strictly for business. You can also enforce policies that prohibit your workers from storing client information on their mobile devices. 


Enforce Policies

In order to get to your employees to adhere to the various cybersecurity protocols, you must strictly enforce the appropriate policies in order to do so. While continued cybersecurity training can seem mundane and tedious for some employees, it’s necessary for the company’s sake. The more you enforce these policies, the easier it will be to get your employees on board for the training process as a whole. 


Demonstrate Consistency

In order to have an effective training program, you need to be consistent in your efforts. When you have regular training sessions and enforce policies, it goes the extra mile in proving that you are willing and able to protect the company’s assets. Creating a training program doesn’t have to be a difficult task if it’s done correctly. By following the tasks properly, you are well on your way to protecting the company and all of the valuable assets that they possess. 


Develop Some Test Results

Reviewing test results is important for a variety of reasons. Chief among these advantages is revealing the efficiency of those who are being trained. Testing these results will determine if there are flaws in your training program. In doing so, this will help in repurposing your training programs so that they are more effective for all of your employees. Your employees should do everything in their power to let you know what’s working well and what isn’t. If it’s hard for them to engage with the subject matter, then they will start to lose interest in what they’re learning. Communication is key, and without it, it will be hard to assess the production and efficiency within your company. 


Never Stop Training

Cybersecurity training is not a one and done process. It should be treated as an ongoing process so that you are always well-versed on the threats that are occurring during that point in time. Retrain your employees regularly so that they are always kept abreast of what’s going on. Because if they are not well informed or simply refuse to train, this will hurt your company in the process. You can set up quarterly training sessions to ensure that they are always wary of the threats that exist. It’s important that the information is fresh in your mind so that you understand how to properly prepare for it. 

7 Steps To Becoming A Happier Person

Happiness is a confusing subject that has troubled the minds of thousands of thinkers. Every day, we compare our lives, job titles and pay to others in an attempt to reassure ourselves of our success. Oftentimes, we are faced with the thought that money equals happiness, but many other things such as family, friends, or love will challenge this belief. 

Image result for Steps To Becoming A Happier Person


We often try to listen to people who say they have achieved health, wealth and happiness; we learn from them or attempt to replicate what they’ve been able to do. For example, some books, motivational speakers and or TV shows try to help us understand happiness. Learning from someone else’s mistakes sometimes helps you put your situation into perspective. Do not hesitate to look for advice, there’s plenty of professionals, articles, and even great shows about understanding one’s happiness.


Regardless of what your understanding of the concept of happiness is, everybody needs guidance. We all cloud ourselves with thoughts that drive us away from what truly makes us happy, so once in a while, it would not hurt learning from someone else’s past. So what is happiness, and how can one attain it. Here are a few things that may be getting in the way of you and your true happy self.


Step Number One: Acceptance


The first step for anyone looking to find health, wealth and happiness. Accept yourself, and where you. It’ll help to center yourself. From this viewpoint, you can figure out how to get to where you would like to be. Choose happiness as your goal. This feeling of euphoria is not just a gift. It should not be taken lightly. You are to work for it and make it your mission. 


It may sound quite simple to some and stupid for others, but the decision to consciously choose attitudes and behaviors that lead to happiness will ultimately result in a happier life. Choose to be forgiving, choose to be grateful, and choose to be understanding. Step by step, you will discover the many improvements you could implement in your life to make it better.


Step Number Two: Gratitude


Just like I mentioned in step one, choose gratitude. The world is determined to kick you while you're down, so if you choose to focus on the times that you failed, life will be nothing but misery. Celebrate the small victories, and be proud of your achievements. 


Choosing to be grateful does not mean to completely ignore all adversity, but to simply appreciate the small things in life. Think about those who have less, and try to see the bright side. There will always be someone with more money and fewer problems, but that does not mean that they are happier. As we said, women’s health and wellness are not given, it is a lifestyle to work for every day.


Step Number Three: Resentment


Holding a grudge and nursing grievances can take a mental and physical toll on your health, wealth and happiness. Feelings of hatred increase the power of bad events, creating bitterness and resentment which in turn, causes us to feel bad. That is why when we choose not to forgive someone; the pain and opinion we have towards that person will not get better at all. Try to understand the other side, it is okay to be hurt and fail to forgive the perpetrator, but dwelling on your anger will only cause more stress.


Step Number Four: Understanding Your Thoughts


This one is very personal but try to improve your mental health. You have control over all your thoughts, but if they are not properly understood, you could easily get dragged down by them. The hardest part of this is to properly identify the negative thoughts. Cloudy thoughts can confuse and prevent us from seeing what the true issue really is. 


You need to work at understanding your thoughts or communicating your thoughts to others. If you can come to understand your thought process and how you process information, you’ll learn to blame yourself less. Journaling, counseling, and therapy can work wonders in understanding our thoughts.


Step Number Five: Money Is Not The Answer


Women’s health and wellness are rarely ever linked to their money. Many studies suggest that money can provide happiness to the extent of personal necessities. A home, a car, and some food will provide the necessary factors to improve and maintain happiness, anything past that will only bring temporary joy. 


A new pair of shoes will not bring happiness. They may seem like they do for a temporary period of time, but eventually, the feeling will fade. Shoes have a purpose, to walk, anything else is just a simple desire morphed by the expectations we put on ourselves.


Step Number Six: Friends 


There is no better remedy for sadness than love. Surround yourself with people that care about you. Some studies suggest that having close friends at older ages increases your life expectancy. Many say sadness can kill you, that stress and anxiety will take years off your life, but avoiding this can be as simple as keeping those who helped you close, and those who hurt you far away. Understanding what you are looking in a friend or a partner will make it that much easier to find someone that suits you, and ultimately increases your chances of happiness.


Step Number Seven: Give Yourself Meaning


Last but not least, engage in meaningful activities. Do not let your life get stuck in the same routine. Staying inside and saying no to opportunities simply to stay in your comfort zone will cause the fear of missing out to be prolonged. Our family, jobs, or hobbies can create a sense of happiness and meaning.


It is important to find this activity. The simple attitude of wanting more can go a long way. Settling for what we have is not a bad thing, but many times if we settle for the simple fact that we believe we are not able to achieve more. The possibilities are endless. Women’s health and wellness are important. It is a matter of attitude and vision.


Why Your Air Start Unit Is Broken And How to Fix It

If you are in the aircraft business, you understand your whole business relies on the success of your aircraft. In order to ensure your aircraft are in tip-top shape, you need to ensure the equipment and tools you use are also working efficiently - this includes the auxiliary power unit.

An air start system is one of the main ways to start an aircraft's engines. When this system is used, gas turbine engine compressor spools are turned on and rotate by the action of a very large volume of compressed air. This air acts directly on the compressor blades, driving the engine through a small geared turbine motor. The motors are used to turn on the aircraft's engines. These motors often weigh up to 75 percent less than equivalent electrical systems.

The compressed air needed to perform this action comes from an auxiliary power unit (known as APU), a portable gas generator or from cross-feeding the bleed air from an already running aircraft (if the aircraft is multi-engined). Regular maintenance of air start units makes them reliable workhorses in the aircraft industry. However, if maintenance is done poorly and there are faults in the system, the units may fail. Repairs are costly and time-consuming and will often require the use of expensive air start unit parts.

This type of work can easily be avoided if you know how to take care of the air start units and the auxiliary power units. Both of these tools are incredibly important for efficient ground maintenance work. Let's take a look at some of the most important tips coming from experts in the aircraft industry:


The Basics:

Usually tucked away in a corner of the maintenance area of every airport, the auxiliary power units and the air starters are truly the workhorses of the industry. Without them, the airplanes simply won't be able to take off, bringing all air travel to a halt. They are the basic tools for starting aircraft engines and should be carefully maintained. The APU and the air starters have to be maintained the same ways as you would a powerplant engine. There are thousands of units already at work worldwide, with special variants for each type of aircraft, from large Boeing 747 and 787, to smaller Embraer jets.


Maintenance Tip #1 – Taking care of the connector and the electrical components

The electrical components are the most important aspects involved in an auxiliary power unit. Most air start units have complex electrical systems that are designed with multiple redundancy systems in order to avoid complete failure. However, every sign of intermittent signals or lost signals should be dealt with immediately. Repair these connections as soon as you see even the slightest error or damage. Make sure to use reliable air start unit parts when doing repair work, as it's very important to get everything right the first time. If you postpone repair work, the system may malfunction repeatedly and will show multiple errors. This can lead to further damage and more expensive repair work. For instance, the APU may require a complete overhaul, which could be disastrous, particularly for a small airline.

Fortunately, APU manufacturers have developed simple “connector care” procedures in order to avoid an incident of faulty signals. This is a four-step process that involves the regular cleaning of the connectors in order to improve conductivity. Next, the connectors are torqued with soft-jaw pliers and then taped. This should be done whenever errors occur and during regular maintenance intervals.


Maintenance Tip #2 – Don't postpone replacing parts

Any technical issue, no matter how minor, should be dealt with as soon as possible. Minor errors, like damaged sensors or fuel manifolds, can become serious ones if you don't handle them quickly. Don't wait for someone else to do it. When damage occurs, it should be repaired immediately. Even if the unit still works with a small error or damage, its efficiency can be affected and its fuel flow can be greatly reduced. This will reduce its reliability and will make it prone to future errors and damages.

Always use the best tools and air unit parts when doing maintenance work. Take advantage of shop visits, manufacturer's visits or complete maintenance work that should be done regularly. These are the ideal moments to replace parts that are approaching the end of their cycle. If you do this properly, you can extend the life of the APU and air starters by at least a couple of years. Items that often need replacing are fuel pumps, starters, connector cables, and gaskets. Don't wait for too long before you do this. It will only create more technical problems, which will translate into higher repair costs and more downtimes. Think about your car's battery – you know it’s guaranteed to work for 8 years; however, you don't actually wait till it blows up in order to change it; you replace it before it breaks. The same is for an APU.


Maintenance Tip #3 – Conduct regular inspections and monitoring

Maintenance work should be done continuously in order to make sure the APU and air starters work properly. Make sure you regularly monitor the APU parameters. Also, inspections should be regular and focused on all mechanical and electrical components. Pay attention to any change in parameters or deviations inefficiency. Act promptly whenever you see these changes. Check for common issues, such as oil leaks, faulty electrical signals, and debris. Act quickly in order to avoid more serious technical issues.


Maintenance Tip #4 – Preserve the APU during downtimes

In some cases, the auxiliary power unit will be inactive for weeks or for months. During this period, the APU must be preserved appropriately in order to avoid technical issues. Follow the preservation procedures described in the manual. If you’re unsure, talk with the manufacturer or an engineer. The preservation is required if the APU is inactive for an extended period of time and will guarantee that it will work perfectly when needed again. Also, take care of the exterior of the APU – make sure you cover it with a special PVC sheet (to avoid the accumulation of debris). Similarly, you should apply oil or protective coating to any area that is prone to corrosion.


Easy Ways To Find A Real Estate Mentorship Program

The real estate industry is tough. Everyone knows it, but few have the nerve to actually say it. Making money and being profitable in the real estate business takes a lot of work, careful planning and knowing how to see an opportunity where few tend to look. 

Luckily, the top real estate investing mentors often organize mentorship programs that you can attend as a new investor.

The question is – how do you get to these mentors? How do you find the right real estate mentorship program for you? Here's is a quick guide that can help you learn from the best real estate investor:

Image result for Real Estate Mentorship Program

Step 1 – Identifying The Right Mentor For You

As you probably already know, there are hundreds, if not thousands of real estate mentors just in the United States. They promise easy lessons, simple guides, detailed plans and lots of cash, all neatly packed for every newbie.

As in all professions and areas of life, some are true to their word and some may be scam artists You'll just have to know how to tell the real ones from the fakes. And you'll have to do your homework beforehand – here are some questions you'll need answers to:

* What are your business goals?
What type of real estate investing do you want to do?
What kind of lifestyle do you expect to have?

* How much work are you willing to put in? How much free time do you want?

* How long can you wait to see the results you want?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, it's very easy to get suckered into following a random mentor – you'll be the naive, gullible newbie investor and you'll just lose money.

For instance, the famous Grant Cardone is ideal for the person who is willing to work 60 hours a week and really loves the real estate business. If you just want a laid back life, Grant Cardone is not the mentor for you.

Step 2 – The Introductions And Initial Questions

By this time, you should have a rough list of your favorite mentors. Ideally, you should have about 3 to 5 mentors to choose from during the introduction and initial questions.

Obviously, you'll have to find a way to connect with them, ideally in person. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, find an alternate way – either via email, direct messaging, phone or video calls.

As soon as you contact the mentor, simply introduce yourself respectfully. Try to keep the conversation short and get to the point. Explain that you are a newbie investor and want to hop on their real estate mentorship program. Keep in mind that the top real estate investing mentors have tens, if not hundreds of course attendants and they probably don't have the time to talk to you directly.

However, try to ask at least one important question during the initial conversation. No, this question shouldn't be “Oh my god, you are so rich. How did you make your money?” It should be something like “Do you have any productivity tips or tricks for a beginner, like me?” This type of question can get you relevant answers that can really help you become a better business person but also assess whether they’re the right mentor for you. After they answer, say thanks and ask if you can help them, and exit the conversation. Be as short and efficient as possible!

Do this for every mentor on your shortlist and pick the one you like best. You will know immediately the person you liked and clicked with.

Step 3 – Take Action

Once you've completed the second step, it's time to take action. Pick the mentor and pay attention to the answer they gave you to your question. Lay low after the conversation and internalize the advice you were given. It will take at least a few days to understand what they told you. If the answer is focused on productivity or sales, apply it to your business endeavors.

Apply whatever the mentor told you for at least 4 weeks. This period will let you understand the strategy, the dynamic and what the mentor was trying to stay. It's also a great period to experiment and see how you can handle the stress and workload. Only contact the mentor after this period. It will show that you paid attention to their advice and you know what you are doing. And, the most important aspect, you took action! Show that you improved, you gained more knowledge.

Step 4 – The Follow-up

After this 4 week period is complete, and only after you feel confident enough, it's time to contact the mentor again. Call them or write an email – thank them for their amazing advice and explain how it impacted your life.

This is the perfect moment to ask another question. Try to make it related to the initial question and ask for the answer via email or text. This will help you a lot when working on your new real estate investing plan.

Keep in mind that this requirement is normal - every real estate mentorship program should have a guide based on email or text. If you get a good answer, and the mentor is receptive, ask more questions, and go in-depth with the topic. Top real estate investing mentors are usually excited if they have an attendant who loves taking action, is hardworking and trustworthy.

Step 5 – The Thank You

After a few questions and answers, the mentor will know you, will see you as trustworthy, reliable and hardworking, thus they’ll be more inclined to develop a relationship with you. This is the ideal moment to seal the deal. They will see you as a friend and trusted partner. Call your mentor and thank him or her sincerely for the help they provided. Propose a plan for mentorship and see where it goes from there. In most cases, you will be accepted and your goal will be much closer.

How Does Expertise and Experience Affect The Success Of A Medical Construction Project?

As metropolitan areas continue to develop, new commercial and industrial buildings spring up in a variety of places, oftentimes without forewarning. Nevertheless, very few people consider how these structures are able to be constructed so quickly. Even fewer consider the companies that undertake such projects and how they are able to bring these structures to light.


So how does this process take place? 


Firstly, if you are considering a renovation or construction project, you’ll need to hire a construction company. 


Finding the right construction company is no easy task. Obstacles such as your location, your needs, and your price range will challenge your ability to find the best construction firm for your needs. Still, it is certain that finding the right construction company will prove instrumental to the completion of a successful project. 


Most Florida Construction companies have the necessary expertise to complete a wide number of projects, but in some cases, certain firms might depict a lot of success in the construction of one type of project in particular.


Obviously, it would be best to find a firm that specializes in the type of construction you need. Especially for clients that work in the medical field. A medical center requires items and features other buildings will not. As a place that administers care and or medicinal treatments, certain procedures and regulations need to be followed. 


Elite Health wanted a top-tier primary care and diagnostic center built to last. With the significant growth in the number of regional medical practices in the area, Elite Health felt it was necessary to find a company with the ability and expertise to build their dream care center. As a result, they enlisted the aid of, Miller Construction, a local South Florida construction firm. 


So how did their experience and expertise help? 


Construction Within A Location

EliteHealth found itself located on the ground floor of a building meaning their access to considerable real estate was limited. A project built inside an office shared by different companies creates considerable challenges such as functionality and noise pollution. 


Elite Health needed to find a firm that specialized in construction while buildings are still functional. 


Miller’s history of working within buildings while they are still functional proved to be a huge advantage. The Florida Construction Company was able to deliver a stellar re-design, all the while maintaining the functionality of the building for the other businesses that inhabit it.

Technical Experience

Another reason why Elite Health chose Miller Construction to help in the renovation of their new state-of-the-art facility revolved around the technical experience. Part of the construction project required cutting down a 50-foot structural slab by hand to ensure the rebar could be connected back to the couplers before the concrete was added. 


Very few construction companies would be able to conduct such a difficult procedure. Nevertheless, Miller Construction has been known for its ability to work with concrete and enormous structural slabs. 


With over $100 million in renovations and construction projects for the healthcare sector, Miller’s previous experiences with healthcare facilities meant they were the perfect company to bring this project to fruition.


Client To Contractor Communication

Success is inevitable with a South Florida Construction firm that understands the needs of its customers. EliteHealth prioritized comfort and convenience. Throughout their discussions with Miller, Elite Health made sure to emphasize this point to their Florida construction manager therefore, their South Florida construction firm created a new and improved waiting room. Unlike typical waiting rooms, patients are now invited to enjoy a nice coffee and provided online access. 


Miller Construction has always prided itself on allowing the client to fully visualize their dreams and deliver as close to their specifications as possible. The Elite Health Primary Care and Diagnostics Center boast a large selection of exam rooms, a medical procedure room, ultrasound, X-ray and allergy testing areas all aiding to offer patients a comprehensive assessment of their health and actionable plans to maintain their health and wellness.


How Do I Find An Experienced Construction Firm?

The EliteHealth project is the perfect example of a construction firm’s expertise meeting functional customization. According to Dr. Perry Krichman, co-founder of EliteHealth; finding the right team, one that shows a great understanding of healthcare construction, and top-tier professionalism made it that much easier to build this facility. 


Experienced Florida construction managers are few and far between, but enlisting the services of such a firm will ensure the best results. Clearly, EliteHealth benefitted from their assistance. You can too! 


If you are considering a remodel or renovation project, consider looking for a professional construction firm. 


With the advent of the internet, a quick search will show you all the best firms in your area. Prior to selecting a firm, it would be best to look at their portfolio and see what they able to deliver and whether they have experience in your particular sector. 


By creating a shortlist, you’ll be able to see all of your interested firms at a quick glance. Similarly, by creating a budget beforehand, you’ll be able to single out the best firms for you. 


In following these steps, you should be able to find a construction firm with the ability to provide a comprehensive redesign and renovation project. Before deciding on a construction firm, ensure their contractors are licensed and experienced. Usually, these companies will willingly display their certifications and licenses, however, it’s also best to ask and cross-reference their certifications with the qualifying boards. 


People have been tricked in the past, enlisting in under-qualified and sub-par companies. The best way to avoid such a scenario from happening would be to ensure your contractors are highly qualified. 


Additionally, if you are still having trouble, try asking friends, family, and colleagues about their experiences with construction firms. In most cases, these individuals will be able to suggest companies they’ve had a positive experience working with and even recommend companies they may have heard of but might not have had the pleasure of working with. This could be extremely helpful if you are struggling. Consider all of these steps, and you should be able to find a great construction firm.