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7 Steps To Becoming A Happier Person

Happiness is a confusing subject that has troubled the minds of thousands of thinkers. Every day, we compare our lives, job titles and pay to others in an attempt to reassure ourselves of our success. Oftentimes, we are faced with the thought that money equals happiness, but many other things such as family, friends, or love will challenge this belief. 

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We often try to listen to people who say they have achieved health, wealth and happiness; we learn from them or attempt to replicate what they’ve been able to do. For example, some books, motivational speakers and or TV shows try to help us understand happiness. Learning from someone else’s mistakes sometimes helps you put your situation into perspective. Do not hesitate to look for advice, there’s plenty of professionals, articles, and even great shows about understanding one’s happiness.


Regardless of what your understanding of the concept of happiness is, everybody needs guidance. We all cloud ourselves with thoughts that drive us away from what truly makes us happy, so once in a while, it would not hurt learning from someone else’s past. So what is happiness, and how can one attain it. Here are a few things that may be getting in the way of you and your true happy self.


Step Number One: Acceptance


The first step for anyone looking to find health, wealth and happiness. Accept yourself, and where you. It’ll help to center yourself. From this viewpoint, you can figure out how to get to where you would like to be. Choose happiness as your goal. This feeling of euphoria is not just a gift. It should not be taken lightly. You are to work for it and make it your mission. 


It may sound quite simple to some and stupid for others, but the decision to consciously choose attitudes and behaviors that lead to happiness will ultimately result in a happier life. Choose to be forgiving, choose to be grateful, and choose to be understanding. Step by step, you will discover the many improvements you could implement in your life to make it better.


Step Number Two: Gratitude


Just like I mentioned in step one, choose gratitude. The world is determined to kick you while you're down, so if you choose to focus on the times that you failed, life will be nothing but misery. Celebrate the small victories, and be proud of your achievements. 


Choosing to be grateful does not mean to completely ignore all adversity, but to simply appreciate the small things in life. Think about those who have less, and try to see the bright side. There will always be someone with more money and fewer problems, but that does not mean that they are happier. As we said, women’s health and wellness are not given, it is a lifestyle to work for every day.


Step Number Three: Resentment


Holding a grudge and nursing grievances can take a mental and physical toll on your health, wealth and happiness. Feelings of hatred increase the power of bad events, creating bitterness and resentment which in turn, causes us to feel bad. That is why when we choose not to forgive someone; the pain and opinion we have towards that person will not get better at all. Try to understand the other side, it is okay to be hurt and fail to forgive the perpetrator, but dwelling on your anger will only cause more stress.


Step Number Four: Understanding Your Thoughts


This one is very personal but try to improve your mental health. You have control over all your thoughts, but if they are not properly understood, you could easily get dragged down by them. The hardest part of this is to properly identify the negative thoughts. Cloudy thoughts can confuse and prevent us from seeing what the true issue really is. 


You need to work at understanding your thoughts or communicating your thoughts to others. If you can come to understand your thought process and how you process information, you’ll learn to blame yourself less. Journaling, counseling, and therapy can work wonders in understanding our thoughts.


Step Number Five: Money Is Not The Answer


Women’s health and wellness are rarely ever linked to their money. Many studies suggest that money can provide happiness to the extent of personal necessities. A home, a car, and some food will provide the necessary factors to improve and maintain happiness, anything past that will only bring temporary joy. 


A new pair of shoes will not bring happiness. They may seem like they do for a temporary period of time, but eventually, the feeling will fade. Shoes have a purpose, to walk, anything else is just a simple desire morphed by the expectations we put on ourselves.


Step Number Six: Friends 


There is no better remedy for sadness than love. Surround yourself with people that care about you. Some studies suggest that having close friends at older ages increases your life expectancy. Many say sadness can kill you, that stress and anxiety will take years off your life, but avoiding this can be as simple as keeping those who helped you close, and those who hurt you far away. Understanding what you are looking in a friend or a partner will make it that much easier to find someone that suits you, and ultimately increases your chances of happiness.


Step Number Seven: Give Yourself Meaning


Last but not least, engage in meaningful activities. Do not let your life get stuck in the same routine. Staying inside and saying no to opportunities simply to stay in your comfort zone will cause the fear of missing out to be prolonged. Our family, jobs, or hobbies can create a sense of happiness and meaning.


It is important to find this activity. The simple attitude of wanting more can go a long way. Settling for what we have is not a bad thing, but many times if we settle for the simple fact that we believe we are not able to achieve more. The possibilities are endless. Women’s health and wellness are important. It is a matter of attitude and vision.