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Domestic Violence Law Firm - Why You Need One

Domestic violence is a real problem in a lot of households. Even though domestic violence cases are often hidden behind closed doors, these cases can create serious psychological issues for the victims involved. The data behind domestic violence is frightening – about 1.3 million women are assaulted by their partners every year, in the United States; what's more, close to 200,000 men are also assaulted by their partners every year. It is estimated that about 80 percent of violence cases go unreported every year. People hide these cases and the police only get involved when the issues are very serious.

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Domestic violence, no matter the victim, is unacceptable and it should be reported to the authorities as quickly as possible. Legal support is also recommended, as a good domestic violence lawyer can help victims file a lawsuit or ask for financial compensation. While most domestic violence cases are simple and can be solved with effective communication, serious cases can go to court, so working with a good domestic violence law firm is very beneficial.

How can a domestic violence lawyer help you? Let's take a closer look:


Helping victims of domestic violence – the prime concern in this type of cases

If you or a close friend or family member was a victim of domestic violence, you should contact the police as soon as possible. Immediately after contacting the police, contact a reliable domestic violence law firm. Here's how they can help you:


Protect you from police abuse or over-reach

You'd be surprised, but domestic violence victims can be affected by police abuse as well. Always have a lawyer by your side when talking with the police. Don't talk one on one with a police officer about the case, especially if the incident happened recently. Even though the police officers want to help you, most of them don't have the training required to help domestic violence or sexual assault victims. For instance, direct questioning will seem intrusive and traumatizing for a victim. This will cause serious emotional and psychological stress and will hinder the investigation. A good attorney can protect you during questioning.


Negotiating to have charges dropped

In most cases, victims will want to move ahead with the case as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should try to have a settlement out of court. Going to court with these types of cases can be a traumatizing experience. The trial can be lengthy, sensitive information will be made public and you will suffer immensely. A good lawyer can get you a good out of court settlement, so you will be able to recover emotionally much quicker.

Avoid testifying

In serious domestic violence cases, the prosecutor might want to move forward with the criminal investigation. You may be required to testify against the abuser, which can be very traumatizing. A good lawyer can help you avoid this process – you can refuse both oral or written testimonies. Also, keep in mind that this does not mean that the criminal investigation will stop; it will go forward even if you refuse to testify against the abuser. The idea is simple – a good domestic violence lawyer will protect you and your family from aggressive, over-reaching prosecutors.


Filing a restraining order

Although this is an extreme way of handling a domestic abuse case, it is very effective if the abuser is particularly aggressive. A lawyer can file a restraining order for the victim and offer legal support during the whole process. The restraining orders are varied: you can ask for a personal conduct order which stops the other person from doing certain actions, you can ask for a stay-away order which stops the other person from coming close to you, or you can ask for a residence exclusion order, forcing the person to move out of a shared living space.


Helping those accused of domestic violence

Every person that was accused of domestic violence needs a good lawyer to protect their rights. Here's what a good domestic violence law firm can do for you:


Stop you from incriminating yourself

If you were arrested, anything you say can be used against you. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to guide you through this delicate process. It's important to not speak to anyone if the lawyer is not present. Don't talk, even to the police, as they can twist your answers and your case can turn against you. A good lawyer will protect you during police interrogations.


Try to have your charges dropped

One of the most effective defense strategies in these cases is to have the charges dropped as soon as possible. However, this strategy is quite complex, so you will need a good lawyer to help you. This has to be done as quickly as possible before the prosecutor has the chance to move forward with the criminal investigation. Also, the case can be dismissed if there is not enough evidence. Talk to your lawyer if you want more help.

Develop a strong defense strategy

If the case moves ahead and goes to court, you will need all the legal help you can get. You will need a professional lawyer to guide you, help you during depositions and offer emotional support. A good lawyer will openly discuss possible defense strategies, the possible outcome and the risks that can occur. Your lawyer will help you make the right choice – either going forward with the litigation or opting for a settlement. In some cases, the settlement may be the right option; however, if your chances of winning are obvious, going to court is a good choice. Communication is key during these difficult moments.

Offer defense against a restraining order

Getting a restraining order can be a disaster for anyone involved. For instance, a residence exclusion order may force you to move out of your residence; this is very serious and you will need legal help. Your everyday life will suffer, so you'll need professional legal assistance. Also, a restraining order will stop you from seeing your children or working, so the risks are enormous.