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Easy Ways To Find A Real Estate Mentorship Program

The real estate industry is tough. Everyone knows it, but few have the nerve to actually say it. Making money and being profitable in the real estate business takes a lot of work, careful planning and knowing how to see an opportunity where few tend to look. 

Luckily, the top real estate investing mentors often organize mentorship programs that you can attend as a new investor.

The question is – how do you get to these mentors? How do you find the right real estate mentorship program for you? Here's is a quick guide that can help you learn from the best real estate investor:

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Step 1 – Identifying The Right Mentor For You

As you probably already know, there are hundreds, if not thousands of real estate mentors just in the United States. They promise easy lessons, simple guides, detailed plans and lots of cash, all neatly packed for every newbie.

As in all professions and areas of life, some are true to their word and some may be scam artists You'll just have to know how to tell the real ones from the fakes. And you'll have to do your homework beforehand – here are some questions you'll need answers to:

* What are your business goals?
What type of real estate investing do you want to do?
What kind of lifestyle do you expect to have?

* How much work are you willing to put in? How much free time do you want?

* How long can you wait to see the results you want?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, it's very easy to get suckered into following a random mentor – you'll be the naive, gullible newbie investor and you'll just lose money.

For instance, the famous Grant Cardone is ideal for the person who is willing to work 60 hours a week and really loves the real estate business. If you just want a laid back life, Grant Cardone is not the mentor for you.

Step 2 – The Introductions And Initial Questions

By this time, you should have a rough list of your favorite mentors. Ideally, you should have about 3 to 5 mentors to choose from during the introduction and initial questions.

Obviously, you'll have to find a way to connect with them, ideally in person. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, find an alternate way – either via email, direct messaging, phone or video calls.

As soon as you contact the mentor, simply introduce yourself respectfully. Try to keep the conversation short and get to the point. Explain that you are a newbie investor and want to hop on their real estate mentorship program. Keep in mind that the top real estate investing mentors have tens, if not hundreds of course attendants and they probably don't have the time to talk to you directly.

However, try to ask at least one important question during the initial conversation. No, this question shouldn't be “Oh my god, you are so rich. How did you make your money?” It should be something like “Do you have any productivity tips or tricks for a beginner, like me?” This type of question can get you relevant answers that can really help you become a better business person but also assess whether they’re the right mentor for you. After they answer, say thanks and ask if you can help them, and exit the conversation. Be as short and efficient as possible!

Do this for every mentor on your shortlist and pick the one you like best. You will know immediately the person you liked and clicked with.

Step 3 – Take Action

Once you've completed the second step, it's time to take action. Pick the mentor and pay attention to the answer they gave you to your question. Lay low after the conversation and internalize the advice you were given. It will take at least a few days to understand what they told you. If the answer is focused on productivity or sales, apply it to your business endeavors.

Apply whatever the mentor told you for at least 4 weeks. This period will let you understand the strategy, the dynamic and what the mentor was trying to stay. It's also a great period to experiment and see how you can handle the stress and workload. Only contact the mentor after this period. It will show that you paid attention to their advice and you know what you are doing. And, the most important aspect, you took action! Show that you improved, you gained more knowledge.

Step 4 – The Follow-up

After this 4 week period is complete, and only after you feel confident enough, it's time to contact the mentor again. Call them or write an email – thank them for their amazing advice and explain how it impacted your life.

This is the perfect moment to ask another question. Try to make it related to the initial question and ask for the answer via email or text. This will help you a lot when working on your new real estate investing plan.

Keep in mind that this requirement is normal - every real estate mentorship program should have a guide based on email or text. If you get a good answer, and the mentor is receptive, ask more questions, and go in-depth with the topic. Top real estate investing mentors are usually excited if they have an attendant who loves taking action, is hardworking and trustworthy.

Step 5 – The Thank You

After a few questions and answers, the mentor will know you, will see you as trustworthy, reliable and hardworking, thus they’ll be more inclined to develop a relationship with you. This is the ideal moment to seal the deal. They will see you as a friend and trusted partner. Call your mentor and thank him or her sincerely for the help they provided. Propose a plan for mentorship and see where it goes from there. In most cases, you will be accepted and your goal will be much closer.