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How Does Expertise and Experience Affect The Success Of A Medical Construction Project?

As metropolitan areas continue to develop, new commercial and industrial buildings spring up in a variety of places, oftentimes without forewarning. Nevertheless, very few people consider how these structures are able to be constructed so quickly. Even fewer consider the companies that undertake such projects and how they are able to bring these structures to light.


So how does this process take place? 


Firstly, if you are considering a renovation or construction project, you’ll need to hire a construction company. 


Finding the right construction company is no easy task. Obstacles such as your location, your needs, and your price range will challenge your ability to find the best construction firm for your needs. Still, it is certain that finding the right construction company will prove instrumental to the completion of a successful project. 


Most Florida Construction companies have the necessary expertise to complete a wide number of projects, but in some cases, certain firms might depict a lot of success in the construction of one type of project in particular.


Obviously, it would be best to find a firm that specializes in the type of construction you need. Especially for clients that work in the medical field. A medical center requires items and features other buildings will not. As a place that administers care and or medicinal treatments, certain procedures and regulations need to be followed. 


Elite Health wanted a top-tier primary care and diagnostic center built to last. With the significant growth in the number of regional medical practices in the area, Elite Health felt it was necessary to find a company with the ability and expertise to build their dream care center. As a result, they enlisted the aid of, Miller Construction, a local South Florida construction firm. 


So how did their experience and expertise help? 


Construction Within A Location

EliteHealth found itself located on the ground floor of a building meaning their access to considerable real estate was limited. A project built inside an office shared by different companies creates considerable challenges such as functionality and noise pollution. 


Elite Health needed to find a firm that specialized in construction while buildings are still functional. 


Miller’s history of working within buildings while they are still functional proved to be a huge advantage. The Florida Construction Company was able to deliver a stellar re-design, all the while maintaining the functionality of the building for the other businesses that inhabit it.

Technical Experience

Another reason why Elite Health chose Miller Construction to help in the renovation of their new state-of-the-art facility revolved around the technical experience. Part of the construction project required cutting down a 50-foot structural slab by hand to ensure the rebar could be connected back to the couplers before the concrete was added. 


Very few construction companies would be able to conduct such a difficult procedure. Nevertheless, Miller Construction has been known for its ability to work with concrete and enormous structural slabs. 


With over $100 million in renovations and construction projects for the healthcare sector, Miller’s previous experiences with healthcare facilities meant they were the perfect company to bring this project to fruition.


Client To Contractor Communication

Success is inevitable with a South Florida Construction firm that understands the needs of its customers. EliteHealth prioritized comfort and convenience. Throughout their discussions with Miller, Elite Health made sure to emphasize this point to their Florida construction manager therefore, their South Florida construction firm created a new and improved waiting room. Unlike typical waiting rooms, patients are now invited to enjoy a nice coffee and provided online access. 


Miller Construction has always prided itself on allowing the client to fully visualize their dreams and deliver as close to their specifications as possible. The Elite Health Primary Care and Diagnostics Center boast a large selection of exam rooms, a medical procedure room, ultrasound, X-ray and allergy testing areas all aiding to offer patients a comprehensive assessment of their health and actionable plans to maintain their health and wellness.


How Do I Find An Experienced Construction Firm?

The EliteHealth project is the perfect example of a construction firm’s expertise meeting functional customization. According to Dr. Perry Krichman, co-founder of EliteHealth; finding the right team, one that shows a great understanding of healthcare construction, and top-tier professionalism made it that much easier to build this facility. 


Experienced Florida construction managers are few and far between, but enlisting the services of such a firm will ensure the best results. Clearly, EliteHealth benefitted from their assistance. You can too! 


If you are considering a remodel or renovation project, consider looking for a professional construction firm. 


With the advent of the internet, a quick search will show you all the best firms in your area. Prior to selecting a firm, it would be best to look at their portfolio and see what they able to deliver and whether they have experience in your particular sector. 


By creating a shortlist, you’ll be able to see all of your interested firms at a quick glance. Similarly, by creating a budget beforehand, you’ll be able to single out the best firms for you. 


In following these steps, you should be able to find a construction firm with the ability to provide a comprehensive redesign and renovation project. Before deciding on a construction firm, ensure their contractors are licensed and experienced. Usually, these companies will willingly display their certifications and licenses, however, it’s also best to ask and cross-reference their certifications with the qualifying boards. 


People have been tricked in the past, enlisting in under-qualified and sub-par companies. The best way to avoid such a scenario from happening would be to ensure your contractors are highly qualified. 


Additionally, if you are still having trouble, try asking friends, family, and colleagues about their experiences with construction firms. In most cases, these individuals will be able to suggest companies they’ve had a positive experience working with and even recommend companies they may have heard of but might not have had the pleasure of working with. This could be extremely helpful if you are struggling. Consider all of these steps, and you should be able to find a great construction firm.