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White Glove Shipping – What You Need To Know

Online shopping has changed how we buy everything – from electronics to books, and from groceries to camping equipment. We are already familiar with same-day or next-day shipping. And we want it from every retailer. Customers want quick, reliable shipping whenever they are online and looking for a product to buy.

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Retailers are faced every day with immense pressure to differentiate themselves and win new customers over. While products are virtually similar among major retailers, shipping still remains the defining factor. A recent study has shown that 75 percent of shoppers choose their favorite online retailer based on how they handle shipping. Simply put, it's not the products that attract customers, it's the shipping and the logistics behind it.


What is white glove shipping?

You’ve probably heard the “white glove” term before. It's something related to a fancy restaurant, where a white-gloved waiter pours you a bottle of champagne. Or perhaps it's a valet in front of a luxury hotel. Yes, white gloves are elegant, and they represent the best type of customer service, the service which doesn't leave your hands all dirty.

So what is white glove delivery? White glove shipping in Miami is a special kind of shipping. It's shipping taken to the next level, where special attention is paid to the item throughout its whole journey. There are no missing steps, to missing items and no uncertainty. It's one of the premiere Miami logistics services you can choose as an online retailer.

Items that are white glove shipped are handled with care from point A to point B. Every item is carefully considered. While normal delivery services will handle your items with minimal care and often leave them on the sidewalk, this service is about bringing the ultimate service to your customers. They will bring the packages right into their home or business and will save you the hassle of assembly or heavy lifting.

Here's a quick rundown on what to expect when choosing white glove shipping in Miami:

  •  packaging – all items that are delivered via white glove services are individually packaged with proper materials; this ensures that there will not be any scratches, dents, cracks, fissures or breakage; your items will arrive at your destination in perfect condition, no matter the distance or transportation options; in special cases, the shipper will provide custom crates and boxes in order to ensure even larger, irregular shaped items;

  •  logistics – every step of the delivery process is carefully monitored and planned in order to reach the final destination on time and intact; the customer's needs are the main focus of white glove shipping; all Miami logistics issues are dealt with professionally, like overnight storage, packaging, scheduling and priority deliveries; this means more time for the client, better work performance and higher returns for the retailer;

  •  cleanliness – this type of premiere Miami logistics services use only new, clean, secure trucks for deliveries; this prevents any damage caused by dirt, debris or water infiltration;

  •  assembly – white glove delivery services are not just about deliveries; these companies work with trained specialists who will also move the packages to the desired location, help you with assembly and setup of the delivered goods; for instance, a piece of bulky furniture can be repositioned, assembled and set up to the client's specification; the object is always left in a condition that satisfies the customer;

     disassembly – similar to the assembly services, disassembly is also offered if the customer needs it; this is especially helpful when clients want to move to a different location or want to prepare an event or a trade show;

  •  disposal – the specialists will help you throw away or dispose of excess boxes, crates, and other packaging materials; you don't have to worry about them anymore;


When and why should you use white glove shipping?

White glove delivery services are very useful in certain scenarios. While traditional delivery services are often good enough, if you want to ship a special item, you will need the best shipping services you can find. For instance, if you want to deliver a piece of antique furniture, which has to be handled with care, white glove shipping is your best choice. The people are specialists and know how to handle fragile items, know how to package them, disassemble and assemble them. Plus, this service is fast, so you don't have to worry about delivery times.

White glove shipping is also a great alternative for companies that want to relocate and must ship their furniture, electronics or other fragile items. Also, medical companies might find this service very attractive – white glove delivery companies can ensure sterile deliveries across the country. Similarly, museums, art galleries, financial institutions, and other private clients can benefit from these excellent shipping services.


What can you ship?

Valuables – white glove shipping is ideal if you want to ship valuables across large distances; you can ship anything from antique porcelain, artwork, furniture, to clothes, cars and other expensive equipment, like pianos, artifacts, rare items or antiques;

Fragile items – this service is ideal for items made of porcelain, glass or other fragile materials; you can ship any type of decoration, holiday displays and decors, unassembled and fine materials, theater pieces and trade show exhibits, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures, as well as chinaware, glass, porcelain, pottery, and crystal;

Bulky furniture – if your furniture is valuable, antique, too large or simply too heavy for a traditional delivery service, white glove shipping in Miami should be your best choice;

Medical equipment – careful manipulation and delivery of sterile medical equipment is critically important in medical environments; white glove delivery services are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare establishments;


Refrigerated and perishable goods – refrigerated deliveries are also offered by white glove shipping companies; this is ideal for high-end restaurants and hotels, that want to always have the freshest products for their clients; also, this delivery service is ideal for private events, like parties or weddings;