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How To Choose A Corporate Conference Venue - A Complete Guide

Are you planning a corporate event? If the answer is yes, you'll have to also choose the event venue. Choosing the best corporate conference venues is immensely important for your event's success. After all, it's your corporate event and you must focus on everything: selecting the speakers, the catering company, creating invitations, planning the schedule and many more.

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The venue, however, is likely the most important thing to focus on. A good venue can mean the difference between a successful event, where you educate and entertain your guests or a disastrous event where your guests feel bored or downright annoyed. Sure, it's not just about the event, but it does play a major impact on how your event is perceived. So, how should you choose the right venue? There are a lot of venues for corporate events – how do you make sure you got the right one? Let's take a look:


What's included in the offer

As soon as you find a couple of corporate conference venues that seem ideal, call or meet with the managers or representatives. Ask about the venue, what it offers, what is included or not, what are the fees and so on. Ask whether there is a break down fee, or if there are fees for tables, chairs or linen; similarly, ask about the food and beverage minimums, the Wi-Fi or audio settings and features. Keep in mind that some venues offer all-inclusive prices – where you have a fixed rate that includes everything. Perhaps, this is your best choice, particularly if you don't want to worry about other related services, like food and beverages or media features.


The space and the layout

Visit the location and look at the space carefully. How does it look like? Is it large enough? Is it too small? Are there any additional areas for breaks, for a stage or a networking area? How many people can it comfortably accommodate? These are some of the questions you will have to get answers, before signing the deal. There are a lot of things to focus on. For instance, a venue that seems ideal may be too large for the event – you don't want to end up with 50 guests in a 300-places hall. It will feel empty and the event will suffer a lot. Always choose spaces that are ideal for your conference, not the other way around.

Also, if you are looking for outdoor corporate conference venues, make sure to visit it beforehand. Check the amenities – does it have ample areas for networking, outdoor activities or a stage? Can you adapt to the outdoor area to your needs? How many people can you host?

The location

The best venues for corporate events are conveniently located to major transport hubs, like airports, highways or train stations. This will be amazingly beneficial if your guests come from all over the state or country. If your corporate event is small, you can focus on smaller venues, which may be located in the downtown areas of the city. In this case, accessibility is not so important, as there won't be many guests coming at the same time. However, if you have hundreds of guests, you must have ample parking space and easy access. Also, if your event has a workshop or features live demonstrations, you should rent a venue that is ideal for these activities (good access areas for large vehicles and large parking areas).


The atmosphere

The mood of the venue is something to pay attention to as well. If the corporate conference venues have a welcoming decor, it can create a positive mood for your event. Also, if you want to have a professional event, and want to create a polished image for your company or brand, you must focus on finding a professional-looking venue. If you want an event focused on interaction, bonding, consider spaces that promote this type of activity. If you want a gala or a special ceremony, choose an elegant venue. Everything matters – from the layout of the venue, the furniture, the lighting fixtures, the details and how the venue makes you feel.


Food and beverage

Try to determine the type of food and beverages you serve during your event as soon as possible. Contact the best catering companies and ask for an offer. Decide whether you want a buffet or a sit-down type of event. Do you want to serve full meals or just appetizers? Can the venue or catering company provide gluten-free, Halal or vegan dishes? Make sure you ask whether the food is prepared on location, or if it is shipped from a different location. This is important, especially if you want to impress your guests with the meal service. Don't forget to ask if the venue has an alcohol license – if you want to serve alcohol and they are not allowed, the event can be ruined.


The tech and audiovisual features

No matter what type of event you plan, you'll definitely need some sort of Wi-Fi or AV features. These will help you show PowerPoint presentations, videos, demonstrations or other types of visuals or audios. You'll also need good microphones, projectors, special lighting sets, and screens. Make sure you discuss with the venue managers every aspect and ask what they can provide. In some cases, you will need to bring your own equipment, especially if you want to organize a unique media presentation.

The staffing

You'll obviously need staffing support for your event, and your venue should provide it. Luckily, most event venues for corporate events offer this service, and their employees are properly trained. Just make sure you explain how many waiters, chefs, security and support staff you need for your event. You'll have to know whether they will help the attendees, manage registrations or deal with ticketing. A good venue will offer all these services at no extra cost, especially if you explain exactly what you want from the event.