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Guide to Buying Your First Scuba Gear packages

Scuba diving can be an expensive sport for many people. The gear can become quite expensive, especially if you want to buy it new and choose higher quality items. Also, you'll have to factor in the costs of transportation to and from the beach.

The first concern, however, is getting your first scuba gear package. It's the most important thing – the gear will be the first thing you actually use when getting into the water. Of course, you can choose rental gear, which is less expensive, but it's great to have your own equipment.

The good news is that you don't have to buy everything at once. You can pick out a few basic items and rent the other ones, as you see fit or as you need them. This will help you get a full gear package with minimal costs. The prices for Florida scuba diving equipment packages can be as low as $500, and you can go even lower if you choose second-hand items. Let's see what you need and how you can get your first scuba diving gear:


Basic item #1 – the scuba mask

The mask is probably the main item you have to buy before going for your first dive. It's the item that defines scuba diving and you simply cannot go diving without one. You'll have to choose one that fits well and does the job safely.

The mask creates a layer of air space in front of your eyes which allows them to be safe and secure while you are in the water. The nose is also safely covered, so the risk of inhaling water is non-existent. Whenever you are looking for a scuba diving mask, try to get a piece that has a good watertight fit. Here's what to do:

* put the mask on and stare at the ceiling – the mask should rest comfortably on your face and there should be no gaps

* place the snorkel or regulator in your mouth – the mask should still be comfortable

* place the mask on your face and look forward – don't use the strap; inhale through your nose; the mask should sit comfortably on your face and everything should be sealed properly

* once you've done this, use the straps to secure the mask; everything should be comfortable and the nose pocket should not touch your nose; the skirt must feel comfortable to your upper lip

* put the regulator in your mouth and make sure you can reach the nose peace and equalize your ears

Any mask that passes this simple test can be a good buy. Just pay attention to the quality of the product and check whether it is a good fit for you. Stores selling Florida scuba diving equipment packages have masks that are available for as low as $50 and reach more than $200.

Basic item #2 – the snorkel

The snorkel is one of the simplest items you will buy for your first scuba equipment. The snorkel is similar to a simple tube, but it has multiple accessories. You will use the snorkel to conserve the air in your tank when you are close to the water's surface. Ideally, the snorkel should be as comfortable as possible. You should breathe easily and as dry as possible. Choose a small snorkel, as it creates less drag while swimming. Look for a durable material, and a simple, easy to operate attachment system. You can buy a good snorkel at any store selling scuba gear packages in Florida. Prices start at $30 and can go up to $100.

Tip if you don't plan on going snorkeling, buy the cheapest snorkel and be done with it.


Basic item #3 – the scuba fins

The fins will help you swim better, faster, making the whole scuba diving session effortless. With a good pair of scuba fins, you'll be able to enjoy scuba diving for hours and explore hundreds of feet of ocean, with minimal effort. Fins translate the power created by your legs into efficient movement underwater, which is 800 times denser than air. Look for comfort and efficiency. Always choose a snug fit; avoid fins that are too stiff or pinch your toes. You should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably; if not, the fins are too small. Also, make sure the buckles and straps are easy to use and are reliable.

The fins are very important because they will be responsible for your movement underwater – choose the right pair to avoid muscle fatigue. A bad pair of fins will ruin your scuba diving experience. There are two major types of fins: open-heel and full-foot. Open-heel fins are good for both cold and warm water and require less effort to use. Full-foot fins are ideal for warmer waters and don't require dive booties. You can find good scuba fins for as low as $75. Higher quality fins can be expensive, with prices reaching $300 at professional stores selling scuba gear packages in Florida.


Basic item #4 – the wetsuit

Wetsuits are the most important will protect your body against cold water. There is a huge selection of wetsuits available at stores selling scuba gear packages in Florida, from simple spandex like materials, known as skins, to professional neoprene wetsuits. A good wetsuit will keep water out and your skin will be dry during your dives. Choose a wetsuit that is comfortable and feels good on your skin. The fit should be excellent everywhere on your body – it should feel snug on your legs and arms, as well as torso and abdomen.

Always look for fit and comfort. Reject any suits that are too loose or too tight. Pay attention to gaps at the arm, legs, crotch, and neck – they allow your blood to circulate and will protect you against heat loss. There are various types of wetsuits, depending on the water temperature:

* 75 to 85 F water temperature – the wetsuit should be 1.6 mm thick – Lycra or Polartec are good materials

* 70 to 85 F water temperature – the wetsuit should be 3 mm thick – neoprene

* 50 to 75 F water temperature – the wetsuit should be 6.5 mm thick – neoprene

* 35 to 70 F water temperature – the wetsuit should be 9.5 mm thick – neoprene, dry suit

Stores selling Florida scuba diving equipment packages have wetsuits for as low as $70 and up to $700. Drysuits are more expensive, with prices in the range of $850 to $2,500.