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Five Timeless Verner Panton Home Decor Pieces That Will Still Make Your Home Glow

Loved and famed across the worldwide, Verner Panton is one of the most influential designers of Denmark. The unique sense of design, color, and shape that Panton exhibited has redefined the function of furniture, lighting, and other home interior items. His sophisticated designs have vibrant colors, bold shapes, and innovative material. His work is groundbreaking in the arena of furniture and interior home solutions. Verner Panton’s work is still famous among the masses and still pops up with a compelling vibrancy. Creating furniture and lighting that is entirely unique, and unlike his counterparts, Panton’s designs are still popular today. 


In this article, we’ll explore some of the most stylish home décor pieces from Verner Panton collection that will make your home shine beautifully:

1. VP Globe Pendant Light Brass: This VP Globe Pendant Light Brass was initially designed in the year 1969. It is the contemporary resurrection of Verner Panton’s classic light; the VP globe pendant will add magnificence to any space. It has a brass finish and is complemented by a transparent acrylic. The pendant light consists of three reflectors made from brass-plated aluminum and two in a blue and red subtle finish. Each of these reflectors is suspended through steel chains. The classic design of this pendant light is appealing enough to add an instant glow to any space.

2. VP Pantop table lamp: This pan top table lamp was originally designed by Verner Panton in the year 1980. This lamp design continues to be the favorite of many and still crafted in his design house. The lamp bears a unique bell-like shape that is entirely made using the metal. Available in different finishes, these lamps boast an appealing look. They can add charm to your space. Moreover, the design of the lamp is complemented by a black or white fabric cord. They are also available in a powder-coated grey and antique brass finishes.

3. Moon Pendant Light: The moon pendant light was launched on the occasion of the design’s 50th-anniversary celebration. This Verner Panton Moon Pendant Light has the potential to enhance the look and feel of any space. Available in the white and orange finish, this pendant is made from painted aluminum. It features ten spherical rings that hide the bulb and project an even light glow throughout the room. The pendant has a subtle glow that readily diffuses around its shape and makes it appear like a moon. This iconic pendant light sophisticated contemporary elements that are sure to grab anyone’s attention.

Spiegel Wall & Ceiling Light Brushed Aluminium: This Spiegel Wall & Ceiling was initially designed in 1969 by Verner Panton for the Spiegel Publishing house located in Hamburg. To date, this light is being crafted in-house at Verpan. The Spiegel Wall & Ceiling Light Brushed Aluminium features a statement shape that resembles speakers. It is made from brushed aluminum and exhibits an alluring floating illusion. This home décor serves as the perfect centerpiece and adds a statement to space. This home décor is suitable for hanging on walls as well as the ceiling. Its exquisite design has a distinct charm and adorns it an elegant finish and luster.

Fun Pendant Light: The Fun pendant light was originally designed by Verner Panton in 1964. The light is still in production in Panton’s design house, Verpan. 

The pendant is built using mother-of-pearl discs. It gives off a beautiful look with the canopy formed through discs. Each of the discs is precisely suspended from stainless steel metal rings. The pendant has a black fabric cord, and four metal hoops complimented by chrome or brass metal ceiling rose. This exotic pendant is a great item to augment your home décor. It is a part of the coveted Fun assortment and can be expertly paired with floor, wall, and table lights. 


I hope these exquisite Verner Panton home décor pieces entice you to own them. Adding them to your space will enliven up your space’s aesthetics. These optimistic designs are sure to garner the attention of visitors to your home. With ideal material, design, and color, these home décor pieces are a must to add items.

So, hurry up and add them to your space to make it glow like never before.