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Tips You Need to Know Before Hiring a Miami Wrongful Death Lawyer

For many people, a loved one passing is a very tragic thing to deal with. Hiring an attorney directly afterward can feel kind of scummy, but trust me, it’s absolutely necessary. Let me tell you why. If you’ve had a partner, family member, or loved one pass away because of another person’s negligence, you can file for a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf.

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During a time of grief, it’s typically hard for all the participants to go through a legal battle. Which is what makes having a professional, honest lawyer so important in cases like this. You want your lost loved one to have a lawyer that will fight to receive the right compensation for their family members. 


Around this time you may be thinking “Come on, Mary wouldn’t have wanted us to waste her hard-earned money on lawyer fees. We can figure this out ourselves!” But, unfortunately, there are only so many Google searches you can do before you eventually run out of answers. Furthermore, you and everyone else will be grieving the loss of your loved one. Will you really be thinking in a clear enough state to decide such impactful decisions? 


Maybe the person who passed has a property that needs to be divided between their heirs. You may think you can just divvy it up yourselves and save some cash. However, this can become very complex and controversial over time. Additionally, do you think you and the other receivers are currently in the best condition to make lasting decisions? Most likely not, it’s best to leave the legal matters to legal professionals.


Contrary to popular belief, hiring a wrongful death attorney in Miami can actually save you time and money. Intricate cases like these are very time consuming, and even more so if you attempt to do them on your own. You simply don’t possess the knowledge and experience needed to take your case to the finish line. The legal process is complicated & your lawyer will know exactly what to do along the way.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with filling dates and discovery requests when you should be in mourning. Not to mention, you don’t want to be stuck researching relevant statutory laws, federal laws, double laws, etc. These are just a few considerations in mind, you can, of course, take whatever course of action you see fit.


Attorney’s have a great understanding of the legal process, let them work their magic for you! Lawyers who specialize in wrongful death cases have detailed knowledge of the legal process involved with these types of claims. Your lawyer’s expertise will prove to be very valuable to your case over time. Your potential representative will have in-depth knowledge of the Wrongful Death Act in Miami and what elements are needed to build you a strong case. 


In lawsuits like wrongful death, it’s imperative that all your deadlines are met to keep your case moving forward. Failure to keep up with these deadlines can and will jeopardize your case. Your attorney will make sure everything is turned in on time with all the bells and whistles.


Luckily, your attorney will handle all of these tasks in their entirety so you have more time to focus on yourself and loved ones during this difficult time. Now that I’ve made my point explaining the benefits of hiring an attorney, I’m going to move forward and explain how you can get the best wrongful death lawyer in Miami. 


Specificity matters

How much experience does your potential lawyer have in your specific area of concern? For example, if your cousin died at a construction site, you will want to hire someone who is very familiar with construction law. Being familiar with the laws involved in the case is an absolute must. Finding a lawyer who has recently worked a case similar to yours is a huge plus! 


Availability is a concern

Have you sought out a high profile case lawyer? If so, you want to make sure your lawyer has enough time open in their schedule to devote to your case. If the lawyer in question frequently works high profile cases, make sure you map out how much & how often you will need their assistance over the duration of the case. You want to find a lawyer who can really focus on you and your legal needs when necessary. 


Track record

Before hiring an attorney in Miami, make sure you have done your homework on the legal firm. Ask fellow attorneys what they think of your lawyer, and their previous cases if any. Wrongful death legal cases can be intense & it’s best if you have a professional that has been to trial many times and knows the in’s and out’s of the courtroom. Knowing the company’s & the lawyer’s past reviews & track record will help you get a more accurate feel for their experience. 


You should also stay open to asking about their reputation in your local community. Ask your fellow Miami neighbors who they used as a legal representative in cases like yours and if they were happy with their services. 


Disciplinary actions

When customers aren’t happy with how they’ve been represented in court they can make official complaints against the law firm and the lawyer working the case. To find out whether your attorney has been previously disciplined, you have to first make sure the attorney is licensed in your state. Once their license has been confirmed you can go to the American Bar Association. They maintain an online list of every state’s lawyer disciplinary actions.


Keep in mind that not all wrongful death cases make it to trial, some parties choose to settle instead. However, in the instance that you need a lawyer, it’s always good to have one that you can trust indefinitely. No one wants to deal with a case like wrongful death after the loss of a loved one, but if it’s necessary it's always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t wait to get a legal representative for your family!