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How Does An Aircraft’s Air Conditioning Work While The Plane Is On The Ground?

If you have ever boarded your flight just to be delayed, you may have noticed that the plane quickly starts to heat up over time. It is easy to get frustrated at your pilot for turning off the plane and causing the cabin to heat up. After all, it is really crowded in there!


Do not be too quick to assign blame. It is very likely that the pilot has turned off the engines as a part of his usual protocol in an effort to save fuel. When a plane's engine is not on and running it can not cool the air. This is very similar to the way a car’s air conditioning works. If the engine is not running, the air will not cool.


When an airplane's engine is not on, and therefore its A/C is not running it usually will be hooked up to an external power source that will pump in conditioned air. These aircraft air conditioning units or ACUs can be as large as a van or larger and are wheeled up to a parked plane to provide air conditioning.


If you are stopped and the engines are off, it is almost certainly not the pilot's fault. The ACU might just be struggling to condition the air in the entire plane sufficiently.


An aircraft air conditioning unit is an incredibly sophisticated piece of equipment. In order to cool the interior of the fuselage, the ACU takes incredibly hot air coming off of the engines and supercooled conditioned air and mixes them together through a series of complex processes. The end result is perfectly temperate air.


Unfortunately, because of this system of conditioning, if the engine is not on, then there is no way to get the extreme differences in air temperatures that can be mixed. It is for this reason that the plane must be hooked up to an ACU.


If your plane is hot then, it is likely that the ACU is too small for your plane or is not working correctly. There are companies that have loads of new, used, or rented aircraft GSE for sale. These companies are also able to sell parts to repair any broken ground service equipment.


Ground service equipment like plane pushers, baggage trolleys, generators, ACUs, and other necessities for airports are all mechanical and are all prone to breaking. There are airports that are large enough to have multiples of everything so that if something breaks, it does not hold up the entire facility’s flights, but there are also small regional airports that need resources for when their equipment fails.


Airport ground support equipment can be incredibly expensive. Some pieces of equipment can cost around 12,000 dollars, so it is no wonder why so many of these smaller regional airports are searching for more affordable places to buy or rent supplies. 


There are options out there that can help save money on ground service appliances. This will help to keep more money for upgrades to help make your guests experience as comfortable as possible. Servicore GS (or SGS) is a company located in South Florida just minutes from the Miami International and Opa-Locka Airports and they pride themselves on having the best aircraft GSE for sale


If you are looking to begin, further outfit, or to replace equipment at your airport but are not in south Florida then Servicore GS is willing to ship equipment and supplies anywhere in the world.

Servicore GS has an extensive catalog of equipment and replacement parts for all of your ground service equipment including ramp accessories and safety implements. These replacement parts are also able to ship anywhere in the world with overnight or expedited shipping. 


SGS also offers its customers an on-site equipment repair service. Along with their repair service, they also offer a training program to help teach employees how to do certain repairs. This means that SGS will not only come to you to fix any ground service equipment, but they will also train your crew on how to troubleshoot any future issues that might arise and will show them how to repair any faulty units. 


As we briefly mentioned before, while Servicore GS does have some great aircraft GSE for sale if you will only need a piece of hardware for a short period of time you can rent it. SGS offers an extensive list of gently used ground support equipment, including aircraft air conditioning units, to aid your company provide excellent service to your guests. Ground service appliances can be hard to get a hold of quickly so having a backup is a very good idea. Unfortunately, not every company is able to afford to have multiples of some of this equipment. Afterall some of this equipment can be many many thousand dollars. So if your airport can not afford a second piece of hardware just in case of an emergency, then you should keep SGS in mind. You never know when you might need to take advantage of their rental services.


As you can see not only is there a lot that goes into aircraft air conditioning units, but also into running an airport in general. There is an incredible amount of money and an even greater level of logistical planning that goes into it.

Ground service equipment is very expensive, but it is also completely necessary for any working airport. If you would like to stay in business for any length of time, you need to make sure things stay working efficiently.


Servicore GS’s incredibly in-depth list of new, used, and rental ground service equipment can save businesses time and money and helps to give these businesses the option to spend this money elsewhere. Used equipment does not have to be cheap or low quality. As a matter of fact, used hardware can be just as good as new hardware but at only a fraction of the price.


So if you can only take one thing from this blog, let it be this: Servicore GS is able and willing to help you do whatever it takes to help your airport function properly.